Program Costs

 Announcing our $500 merit scholarship for Oxford Program undergraduate students with a 3.75+ GPA!* Plus, every undergraduate benefits from a $1782+ study abroad tuition scholarship!

2023 Cost to Each Student:

$10,776 ($10,626 with $150 Early Bird Discount before December 1)  Includes 6 undergraduate credits, room, partial board, and "extras" (excluding airfare).

Click on "Dates and Deadlines" for payment due dates.

*The $500 merit scholarship for Florida Tech undergraduate students with a 3.75+ cumulative GPA after spring grades post will be deducted from you total program tuition fees (Undergraduate students taking 6+ Oxford credit hours only.  Students with tuition remission/reduction or transient students do not qualify).

Four credit hour Math classes (Calc 2 & 3, Differential Equations) have a supplemental tuition charge of $891. 

All Oxford Program fees are due on the dates listed on the Oxford program website "Dates & Deadlines" section.  Payment plans are not an option for students enrolled in this study abroad program due to the nature of paying vendors/expenses.


Cost Breakdown 2023:

  • Tuition:
    • 6 credits: $5,346.   All students SAVE $1782+ with Special Study Abroad Scholarship.  6 credits on campus at $1188 would be $7128.
  • Application Fee/Deposit: $300 (goes toward your Oxford Program fees)
  • Room, Partial Board, Insurance, Events: $5,130

TOTAL: $10,776  ($10,626 with $150 early bird discount).

Click on "Dates & Deadlines" for payment due dates including optional trip fees and payment due dates.

Four credit hour Math classes (Calc 2 & 3, Differential Equations) have a supplemental tuition charge of $891 (save $297 on top of $1782 savings).

Bright Futures tuition scholarship:   Save $948- $1688


Detail of Fees 2023: 

  • Nonrefundable Application Fee (Program deposit): $300*  
  • Jesus or Exeter College housing (July 1 evening - morning of Aug 13) and 20 meals–6 weeks
  • Jesus or Exeter College single bedrooms with shared bath/common space, & internet
  • 20 meals:  6 casual meals in hall at Jesus College, 4 meals (including 2 formal Oxford hall dinners, 1 meal out, 1 casual picnic), 10 breakfasts in college.
  • Transport and ticket to one London show such as Life of Pi, Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away/Wicked/Les Miserables, or an Oxford outdoor play.
  • Bus or train transfers and admissions for two field trips in addition to London show  (Field trips:  1:  Bath  2: Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds)
  • Required Health Insurance for medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage.
  • All costs (excluding tuition) are based on the current rate of exchange between the U.S. dollar and the Great British Pound.  You are charged the actual costs of room, board and field trips to save you from additional fees.  If the exchange rate goes above $1.40 the cost will go up slightly in correlation to a max of an additional $350.
  • Covid testing is not included in fees because the requirement for 2023 is unknown.  Covid testing and quarantine requirements do not impact the non-refundable nature of fees.  Please direct any Covid testing/quarantine questions to prior to applying and making payments. As of August 2022, US citizens who are fully vaccinated with a Covid-19 vaccine may enter the UK.  Budget $400 for Covid testing to be safe in case it is required for summer 2023.   Up to date guidelines:     
  • Click on "Dates & Deadlines" for payment due dates including optional trip fees (Ireland, France, plays) and payment due dates.     

* The $300 application fee/deposit goes toward actual Oxford expenses.

ALL fees are non-refundable.  Make checks payable to Florida Tech.  Fees for missed group housing, meals, trips, etc. are non-refundable.  For example, housing is included from June 30 evening-Aug 13 morning.  If you arrive later or depart sooner, there are no refunds.  If you miss a group meal or field trip, you will forfeit that meal/event or any portion thereof.  If the program must be canceled due to Covid or other travel restrictions, each student will receive a full refund.

OPTIONAL SHOWS: Approx $70 each (Shows & payment dates TBD).  


Special Tuition Scholarship...Study in Europe and save $1782+ in tuition expenses! 

Six undergraduate credit hours for the cost of 4.5 credit hours—A savings of $1782+.

  • You will pay $5,346 rather than $7,182 for six undergraduate credit hours.* 
  • Program participants who are eligible for financial aid can apply for a Stafford or Parent Plus Loan. The remainder of the costs (including housing, meals and airfare) can possibly be covered by a private loan such as Wells Fargo or Sally Mae if the students have a credit worthy cosigner and are approved by the lender. Speak with the program director and financial aid for details. You may be eligible to borrow up to $12,000 for the Oxford program.
  • Housing, partial board, and fabulous field trips: $5,430 (including the $300 application fee which is a deposit toward housing)
  • TOTAL COST including undergraduate tuition, application fee (covers food, etc.), room & partial board (excluding airfare):   $10,626  (with $150 early bird discount)

Calc 2 & 3 & Differential equations are four credit hour classes and have a supplemental tuition charge of $891 (rather than $1188- save $297)*

Financial aid (loans) and Florida Bright Futures can help you pay for it all!  

Check out the Gilman Scholarship and the Phi Kappa Phi scholarship on the home page of the Oxford Program website!

All payments are completely non-refundable due to the nature of the program.  If the program must be canceled due to Covid or other travel restrictions, each student will receive a full refund.

Money Matters

  • Use air miles, coupons, or shop around for the best flight prices. Flights with 1+ stops to London Heathrow or Gatwick, or Birmingham International ranged between $900 and $1900 for summer 2022.  
  • Budget an average of $30 per day for food/entertainment ($1170).  Students spent between $1000 & $1500 for food/entertainment in 2022.  It depends on your habits- if you buy sandwiches and groceries and cook, you will spend less than if you eat out often.  Weekend trips can range from low cost up to $1000+ depending on where you go and what you do.
  • ATMs are available throughout the city of Oxford and the entire UK. Your bank may charge you a slight fee to use the ATM, but getting cash is fast and easy. Major credit cards are accepted in most shops. There is no need for travelers' checks.
  • 20 meals are included in program fees.  You will be responsible for remaining meals, but you do have full kitchen access for the final 4 weeks. Grocery stores and sandwich shops are within close walking distance of the college. A typical "sandwich deal" with a filled baguette, chips or fruit, and a drink is 3.33 GBP ($5.60).  Several nice meals are included in your housing fees.
  • Budget some money for weekend trips. You may want to book some in advance, but see the program director for suggestions. (Travel within the UK is very easy and can cost as little as $400 for a full weekend if you stay in hostels.  A more average price is $700+ if you are taking a flight, long train journey, and staying in b & bs or hotels.)
  • Visit our Student Tips website for an insider student glance (including budgeting) at the Oxford Program.

Oxford-Spain Combo Discount!

(On Hold until 2024 TBD) ATTENTION BUSINESS STUDENTS: Spain-Oxford Summer Study Abroad Option with Additional $1000 savings for undergraduates:

This summer you can earn up to 9 credit hours toward your degree while immersing yourself in European culture and adventure for 8 weeks! Your resume will shine when employers and graduate schools see not one, but TWO study abroad programs highlighted in your experiences. In addition to the tremendous savings you are already earning by participating in either Spain, Oxford, or Netherlands undergraduate students who attend both programs and take a total of 9 credit hours (3 in Spain/Netherlands and 6 in Oxford) save an ADDITIONAL $1000 off of fees.

Spain alone: $4,400 (3 credit hours, 10 travel days- June 16-26, 2021)

Oxford alone: 2023 coming soon (6 credit hours, 42 travel days-June 26-Aug 6. Oxford classes begin June 29, 2021)

Spain/Oxford combo: 2023 coming soon (9 credit hours, 52 travel days) 

9 credit hours alone on campus without the study abroad discount and no travel= $2022 coming soon.  For an additional $2,457 plus airfare you can earn those same 9 credit hours in Europe while having an amazing adventure, cultural experience, housing, food, field trips, and boosting your resume in our global economy. Students who take 6+ credit hours in the summer who are eligible for financial aid can apply for loans because they are full time with 6 credit hours.
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