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Transfer Admissions

Eastern Florida State College - Florida Tech Track

Florida Institute of Technology has long been a premier educational choice for Florida high school graduates as well as transfer students from Florida community and state colleges. Florida Tech has partnered with Eastern Florida State College to create the EFSC–Florida Tech Track. This is a dual-admission program designed to help Florida high school graduates pursue an Associate of Arts degree from Eastern Florida State College followed by a bachelor’s degree at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the EFSC–Florida Tech Track?

  • Any Florida high school student who has completed the full-time undergraduate application process for Florida Tech
  • Any currently enrolled Eastern Florida State College student

Which students might benefit from the EFSC– Florida Tech Track?

  • Currently enrolled Eastern Florida State College students who plan to complete their full-time baccalaureate studies at Florida Tech
  • Students who need additional preparation prior to attending Florida Tech
  • A student who is admitted to Florida Tech but whose financial circumstances prevent enrollment as a full-time, first-year student

Must a student apply to Eastern Florida State College as well as Florida Tech to be eligible?

Yes. Students interested in the EFSC–Florida Tech Track must apply to enroll in an approved Associate of Arts degree program. As a degree seeking student, you will need to submit an official copy of your high school transcripts (showing graduation date and courses completed) or official copies of college/university transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended.

Is the EFSC–Florida Tech Track open to students for all major areas of study at Florida Tech?

Yes.  Academic advisers from Eastern Florida State College and Florida Tech will assist the student in the proper selection of courses pursuant to their major of interest. It is recommended that students enroll in the Associate of Arts degree program at Eastern Florida State College to maximize the number of transfer credits given at Florida Tech.

How should students apply for financial aid?

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which should be filed as soon as possible after October 1st. Students eligible for the EFSC–Florida Tech Track must request that the Student Aid Report from FAFSA be sent to both Eastern Florida State College (Code 001470) and Florida Tech (Code 001469).

Does Florida Tech offer any scholarships or grants to Eastern Florida State College students?

If academic merit warrants, a student will be awarded a Transfer scholarship. Florida Tech Track students are eligible for University Aid, Florida State Aid (Bright Futures, Florida Resident Access Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant) and Federal Aid financial assistance. Other funding opportunities in addition to University Aid, Florida State Aid and Federal Aid are Florida Prepaid Program, Army ROTC Program, Athletic Scholarships, Veterans Benefits and Time Payment Programs.

How does an EFSC–Florida Tech Track student move from Eastern Florida State College to Florida Tech?

EFSC–Florida Tech Track students must achieve the appropriate FIT admissions GPA in their course of study at Eastern Florida State College to enroll at Florida Tech. Students should request that Eastern Florida State College send their transcript to Florida Tech and then call the Florida Tech Office of Admission to indicate that they are prepared to enroll for the following term.

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