DANTES Examination Credit

Credit is considered for DANTES examinations listed on an official DANTES transcript. Florida Tech expects students to take any DANTES examinations before enrollment. Although a student may take these examinations while enrolled at Florida Tech, they may do so only with the permission of their major department and college dean. Residency requirements apply when requesting to take DANTES examinations. Credit earned from DANTES is excluded from the three-course limit that applies to the study at another institution policy. Contact the registrar’s office for further information.

Study materials and examination descriptions can be obtained through the DSST website.


A History of the Vietnam War

HU/SS 2xxx Elective


Art of the Western World

HUM 2xxx Elective or HUM 1020

Astronomy SPS 1020 3
Business Ethics and Society BUS 4503 or EMG 3328
Business Mathematics Nontransfer or MTH 1703 0 or 3 
Computing and Information Technology CIS 1100 3
Criminal Justice SOC 1551 or CRM 1000
Environmental Science ENS 1001
Ethics in America HUM 2xxx Elective 3
Ethics in Technology Free 1xxx Elective  
Foundations of Education EDS 2xxx Elective 3
Fundamentals of College Algebra MTH 1011 3
Fundamentals of Counseling PSY 3xxx Elective 3
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity HSC 3xxx Elective 3
General Anthropology Social Science 2xxx Elective 3
Health and Human Development Free 1xxx Elective 3
History of the Soviet Union HU/SS 2xxx Elective 3
Human Resource Management BUS 3503 or EMG 3331 3
Introduction to Business Nontransfer 0
Introduction to Geology ENS 1001 3
Introduction to Geography Social Science 2xxx Elective 3
Introduction to Law Enforcement Social Science 2xxx Elective or CRM 2xxx Elective 3
Introduction to World Religions HUM 1024 3
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSY 2xxx Elective or PSY 2000 3
Management Information Systems BUS 3504 or EMG 3327 3
Math for Liberal Arts MTH 1701 3
Money and Banking BUS 3xxx Elective or EMG 3xxx Elective 3
Organizational Behavior BUS 4502 or EMG 4412 3
Personal Finance BUS 3404 3
Principles of Advanced English Composition COM 1101 3
Principles of Finance BUS 3401 or EMG 3225 3
Principles of Public Speaking COM 2370 3
Principles of Statistics BUS 2703 or EST 2703 3
Principles of Supervision Nontransfer 0
Substance Abuse PSY 1462 3
Technical Writing COM 2223 3
The Civil War and Reconstruction HU/SS 2xxx Elective 3
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