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BACB Eligibility Requirements are changing:

The last day to submit an application for the BACB’s 2022 eligibility requirements is December 31, 2026. The following dates list the last semester FL Tech students may begin a program and meet the current (5th edition) BACB academic eligibility requirements:

Program typeLast semester to start *2022 Eligibility ProgramProgram completion date
Master’s degree Fall 2024 Summer 2026
Grad cert that meets BCBA eligibility requirements  Spring 2025 Summer 2026
Grad cert that meets BCaBA eligibility requirements         Summer 2025 Summer 2026

 Review BACB changes here:March 2022 Newsletter

Ordering Transcripts for the BACB® Exam:

  • Students should create a BACB Gateway account and application to take their exam.
  • Students will proceed to Order Official Transcript
  • At this time the BACB® will only accept electronic versions of transcripts.
  • Students who have had courses transferred in from an external university will need to order Florida Tech Transcripts and an official transcript from the external university.
  • You will need your Student ID or SSN available to order transcripts
  • Official Transcripts are $10 and payable online by credit/debit card.

Program information to enter on the BACB exam application:

BCBA®/BCaBA® Eligible Pathways- Everyone who completed the BCaBA, BCBA, or MA program

  • Behavior-Analytic Coursework (Pathway 2)

Behavior-Analytic Coursework Information

All Students: Do NOT check the box indicating the VCS coordinator will be submitting a VCS Coordinator Coursework Attestation.

*If you are using any 4th edition coursework or courses from another program, please choose "No, I completed my behavior-analytic coursework through multiple universities or programs."

BCaBA VCS Students

  • University Name: Florida Institute of Technology
  • Department Name: Behavior Analysis
  • Program Name: Applied Behavior Analysis Assistant Certificate
  • Mode of Instruction: Online

BCBA VCS and M.A. Students

  • University Name: Florida Institute of Technology
  • Department Name: Behavior Analysis
  • Program Name: Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate
  • Mode of Instruction: Online

Degree Information (M.A. Students only)

  • Degree: Masters
  • Institution: Florida Institute of Technology
  • Location: Melbourne, FL
  • Program Name: Behavior Analysis Practice, M.A.

VCS Information

The VCS number is the number assigned to each Verified Course Sequence by ABAI. You may need this number when you apply for BACB certification. 

Current VCS Coursework:

4th Edition (retired) VCS coursework:

International Students - International BACB Deadlines

For specific information from the BACB, please visit: BACB International Development & Support webpage

International Certification

The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) verifies course sequences of educational institutions. Florida Tech’s Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate, Assistant Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate, and behavior analysis master's degree programs contain ABAI-verified course sequences (VCS). 

As international certification processes evolve, countries worldwide will likely create criterion-based credentialing processes for individuals interested in providing behavior-analytic services. International credentialing bodies will likely refer to and use BACB and ABAI criteria to approve educational programs or something similar (i.e., Verified Course Sequences). However, it is essential for those seeking international certification to research and understand your country's specific educational and experiential criteria requirements.


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