Financial Aid

5th Edition ABA Online Graduate Certificate Programs (BCaBA or BCBA)

Students taking this ABAI-verified course sequence have less than half-time status, traditional (FAFSA-based) financial aid options are not available. However, a number of financing options are available. Please contact for further information.

5th Edition Masters in Behavior Analysis Practice

Students taking this master’s program typically meet the half-time status of five credits per semester, traditional (FAFSA-based) financial aid options are available to those who are eligible, in addition to private student loan options. Please contact for further information.

Additional Resources

Education Partner Program 10 Percent Discount

Ask us for more information on how your employer can join. The program provides a ten percent discount on tuition for eligible student-employees enrolled in any one of our online fifth edition ABA programs. It’s free to sign up!


Panther Payment Plan

  • Students admitted to the fifth edition certificate program (BCBA and BCaBA) and fifth edition Master’s Program in Behavior Analysis Practice are eligible for the Panther Payment Plan.
  • Students pay their tuition in four installments for spring and fall, three installments for summer semesters.
  • Complete information and instructions can be found here:


Office of Financial Aid-

Office of Student Financial Services-

How to make a payment for coursework -

***If you are currently completing 4th edition coursework and are needing information for financing options please contact