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Education Partner Information

The Education Partner program is open to all companies with employees enrolling in ABA Online Fifth Edition courses. Qualified employees receive a discount of 10 percent on regular tuition rates for online applied behavior analysis courses in the following fifth edition programs:

  • Graduate Certificate – Assistant Behavior Analyst (GCP 8036)
  • Graduate Certificate – Behavior Analyst (GCP 8037)
  • Master of Arts – Behavior Analysis Practice (major code 8155)
  • Edition Transition – ABA 5th Edition – Behavior Analysis Online (NM 0102)

All courses are offered for academic graduate credit, so students must meet all current application, admission and registration requirements.

How can my company become an Education Partner?

  1. Email to request the Education Partner Agreement and a company information questionnaire. 

  2. Review and complete. The agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of the company, and the questionnaire should include all requested information.

  3. Send the completed forms to the ABA Online office by email
    to, or by fax to 321-674-7050.

Once the completed forms are received and the company is accepted as an Education Partner, we will note the company accordingly in our system.

How do students qualify for the discount?

After you are set up as an Education Partner company, we will send you the Employment Verification form required for each student. This form requires the student’s information and signature, along with the signature of a company representative. The completed form should be sent directly to us from the company, not from the student.

Once the completed forms are received and processed, the discount will be enabled for qualified students. Florida Tech reserves the right to verify employee eligibility at any time.

How do students register with the discount?

Once the completed forms are received and processed, the discount will be enabled for qualified students going forward; we will email you and the student with confirmation once the discount is active. The student will then be able to register through the regular system (Access). Please note that we are unable to apply the discount retroactively; if students register for classes prior to receiving our confirmation email, the discount will be applied starting with the following semester.

Tuition and fees are charged according to the rates in effect at the time of enrollment; these rates are subject to change. The discount applies to tuition only; it does not apply to application fees, textbooks, other materials, or any other fees.

The discount applies whether the student or the company is paying.

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