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Pathway Programs

Airline “Pathway” programs were initiated in anticipation of the developing pilot shortage. They represent a method of screening and developing pilots during their college careers. The College of Aeronautics presently partners with eight airlines with more agreements being developed. With “flow through” language in some of these agreements, students can determine and secure a career path to a major airline in the sophomore year.

Partner Airlines

 Amerijet International LogoAmerijet International Inc. is thrilled to offer graduates (meeting program requirements) of Florida Tech a direct entry First Officer position in our Boeing 757/767 fleet. The program identifies talented aviators early in their academic career and then cultivates and mentors these young professionals to help prepare them to join Amerijet’s world class cargo airline. The rigorous program at Florida Tech sets the foundation for the eventually success of each candidate. Upon completion of a student’s degree program, the Gateway pilot will serve as a flight instructor for one year or one year of instruction while still a student at Florida Tech and meeting the aeronautical experience requirements for an Unrestricted ATP (whichever occurs last) the pilot will qualify for transition to a pilot position with Amerijet. Please visit Amerijet’s website for more information on their airline.

Aviate LogoAviate: Florida Tech’s flagship airline pathway program. Students are offered the opportunity to transition to United Express, and ultimately, United Airlines through Aviate’s university path.  Florida Tech is one of just a few universities selected for the Aviate program.  Aviate participants will have access to a United coach, build aeronautical experience, and develop as leaders with United’s partners in preparation for a position as a United pilot.  Visit Aviate’s website for more information on their university path and to apply.


Endeavor Air LogoEndeavor STEP Initiative: A wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines, Endeavor Air is dedicated to helping students achieve success on their journey to becoming a regional airline pilot.  Student to Endeavor Pilot (STEP) participants have special access to the Endeavor team and resources to educate, encourage, and engage the next generation of airline pilots.  Visit the Endeavor STEP website for a full program overview and to apply. 


Envoy LogoEnvoy Cadet Program: Envoy, wholly owned by American Airlines, assists promising university and commercial flight school student pilots in making a smooth transition from the classroom to the regional cockpit. Envoy offers an instructor placement program where eligible instructors may build tie as a flight instructor at a partner flight school while receiving key benefits as an Envoy employee.  Visit Envoy’s Cadet website for more information and to apply.  

JetBlue Gateway LogoGateway University was first and is the longest-running airline program for aviation college students, streamlining a path from classroom to flight deck. Launched in 2008, Gateway University allows students in flight programs from one of our AABI-accredited partner colleges/universities to earn a conditional job offer for a position as a first office at JetBlue. Once accepted, students follow one of several prescribed paths to gain experience and build their flight time. Provided they meet all program requirements and pass required background and other related checks, those in the program will join JetBlue as first officers. Visit the Gateway University website for more information and to apply.


PSA Airlines LogoPSA Cadet Program: PSA Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines. The PSA Cadet Program offers a direct career path from PSA to American Airlines beginning your first day.  Designed to assist the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition into commercial aviation with the assistance of an instructor placement program at an approved PSA partner flight school.  Visit PSA’s Cadet website for more information and to apply.  


Republic Airways LogoAt Republic Airways, our mission is to provide a safe, clean and reliable flying experience. We believe this is best accomplished by focusing on our vision, “With the BEST people, products and performance, we will be America’s Regional Airline of choice.” Republic Airways, based in Indianapolis, operates a fleet of Embraer 170/175 aircraft. The airline provides fixed-fee flights operated under our major airline partner brands of American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express. Republic Airways is a great place to get your career off the runway!  Visit Republic’s career pathway website for more information.

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