Outside view of the Clemente Center

Group Fitness Room

Revised May 18, 2022

Group Fitness Room Policies

Users of the Clemente Center should adhere to all facility policies. Disregard for the policies or disorderly conduct will result in
removal from the facility.

  • Use of the Clemente Center and participation in activities is voluntary and at your own risk.
  • Only approved activities are permitted.
  • Other activities, or equipment deemed unsafe in the Group Fitness room, are prohibited unless special permission is obtained
    from the Clemente Center Director.
  • Soft-soled, non-marking, athletic, supportive shoes are allowed.
  • Street shoes, black-sole shoes, or any shoes that mark the floor are not permitted.
  • Food is prohibited. Only drinks in resealable containers are allowed.
  • Only Clemente Center staff are permitted to use the stereo.
  • Avoid any contact with the mirrors.

Group Fitness Program Policies

  • Participants should arrive on time for class. Late arrivals may not be allowed entry.
  • Patrons must be at least 14 years of age. A parent or guardian must accompany dependents of ages 14-17. OUTSIDE MEMBERSHIPS
  • Patrons must have a cloth towel the size of a hand towel or bigger to wipe down equipment and participate in fitness classes. Towel
    must be kept with patron at all times.
  • Clean equipment after use with the disinfectant and paper towels provided.
  • Appropriate active wear is required.
  • Only soft-soled, non-marking athletic, supportive shoes are permitted.
  • Silence all cell phones and place them in the storage area provided.
  • The use of any device to photograph or record is prohibited.
  • For the comfort of others, please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes.

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