Olin Quad, Melbourne FL Campus

Advisory Board

The Florida Tech College of Engineering and Science Advisory Board provides vital input to the Dean on the strategic direction of the college and helps realize opportunities for advancing the forefront of engineering and science education and research. The Advisory Board consists of diverse global leaders, alumni and friends.

Kim Bozik
Intel Corp.
Joseph Bussenger
Rocket Printer
Amanda Buie, DDS, MS
Josh Bruckmeyer
Chief Architect for Space and Airborne Systems
Mojy Chian
ON Semiconductor
John Chianis
Houston Offshore Engineering
Carol Craig
Craig Technologies
W. Jean Floyd
Stratolaunch (Ret)
Ronald Fussell
Zel Technologies
Don Joffe
Gwinnett County DWR
Gretchen Kelly
Charter Communications
Summerpal Khalon
Misty Marot
Novel Engineering
Ernest McDuffie
Global McDuffie Group
David Muh
Gray Wolf Technical Svcs.
Derek Novak
American Bur. of Shipping
Rob Nunn
Park West Holdings
Alfred A Nuttall
FAR Research Inc.
Larry Pollack
Department of Defense (ret)
Jeff Reed
Northrop Grumman
Tim Reynolds
Wild Manta, LLC
Robert Sarkissian
MLDesign Technologies
Doug Schuler
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