College of Engineering and Science

College of Engineering and Science


Florida Tech’s Daly-Engel Stars in New Shark Documentary
Toby Daly-Engel is featured in “Shark Family Tree,” which explores her work using genetics to better understand great white sharks.

Florida Tech Hosts Successful Concrete Canoe Competition
Florida Tech was only the second university in Florida to host the 32-year-old event.

‘Brain-Controlled Wheelchair,’ Radiation Detector Among 2019 Showcase Winners
More than 130 student projects embodied the power, complexity and elegance of STEM at the Northrop Grumman Engineering & Science Student Design Showcase.

Florida Tech Project Takes Top Prize at Statewide Senior Design Showcase
Pneumatic Compression Device Targets Lymphedema Symptoms MELBOURNE, FLA. — An invention that replaces a pneumatic compression device with electrically-actuated spring-powered compression that could bring relief to more than 180 million worldwide sufferers of painful swelling caused by lymphedema won a top prize at the second annual Florida-Wide Engineering Senior Design Invitational Spring 2019. This is […]

Student Design Showcase April 12 at Clemente Center
Featuring engineering and science projects that demonstrate Florida Tech’s renowned hands-on approach to education, the event is free and open to the public.

Stories and Happenings

Indian River Lagoon Research Institute TechCon 2018, Sept. 28
Florida Tech researchers continue to lead the way when it comes to finding water quality solutions for the Indian River Lagoon. During the Indian River Lagoon Research Institute‘s fourth annual Technical Conference (TechCon), engineers, scientists, contractors and students will share their research in the field of coastal water quality remediation and restoration. Friday, September 28 [...]

Sending Balloons Into The Storm
Florida Tech’s Thunderstorm Meteorology Campaign is utilizing a traditional meteorology tool- a weather balloon- to learn about lightning and its creation.

What Is 3D Manufacturing and How Does It Work?
3D printing could fundamentally change how people buy products in the future New technologies are impacting what designers do today and in the future. 3D manufacturing is a technology that uses 3D printing to create objects rather than using molds or other traditional manufacturing processes. A 3D printer can create items made of metal, plastic, [...]

New Shark Species Honors Female Pioneer
A new breed of dogfish named Squalus clarkae, also known as Genie’s Dogfish, has been identified and is named after Eugenie Clark, a pioneer of shark biology.

It Takes a Village to Foster a 240-Gallon Reef Habitat
Panther Dining Hall (PDH) is home to a 240-gallon reef aquarium maintained by Florida Tech’s Oceanography Program and supervised by Professor Kevin B. Johnson. Under his guidance, a team of oceanography and ocean engineering students, with occasional help from aquaculture and marine biology students, maintain the tank. This spring, the main 8-foot tank was replaced [...]