Florida Tech Campus

Construction Alerts & Notices

Facilities Notice:  Jerome P. Keuper Building  Closed (10/07/2022 thru 10/09/2022) 

Jerome P. Keuper Building (411KUP) will be closed on Friday, October 7, 2022 until Sunday, October 9, 2022  due to the fumigation of termites within the entire building. This process utilizes poisonous chemical gas that is highly toxic to humans and animals.

There will be NO ACCESS ALLOWED during this time.

Occupants be aware of the specific checklist items that MUST be followed. Click on the link below to access details....

We apologize for any inconvenience and will notify campus when the building is reopened.


Facilities Notice:  Sidewalk Closure Near George M. Skurla  Until Further Notice

Due to emergency construction activity, the sidewalk on the east side of George M. Skurla (building 460) will be closed, as noted below, until further notice. Pedestrians avoid area use caution while near this area.



Facilities Notice:  Colder Temperatures in F.W. Olin Engineering Due to Emergency Repair, 9/12/22

Due to an emergency repair, occupants in the F.W. Olin Engineering Building will notice colder interior temperatures, particularly in the morning. We are currently working to repair the problem, but at this time, we do not have a timeline for completion. We will advise when more information is available.


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