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Highlighted Projects

The following projects listed reflect major ongoing or planned construction related projects on the Florida Tech Campus. Facilities Operations is proud to share the hard work being done to improve your campus facilities while maintaining our current assets. If you have questions about construction projects, please reach out to the Sr. Director of Facilities Operations at 321.674.8038 or

Summer Construction Projects to Lanch in May 2024

Facilities Operations is managing numerous improvements, renovations, and large maintenance projects with many set to begin May 6th.   Additionally, several projects are in the early planning or design phase with construction anticipated to start in the next fiscal year.

Skurla Restroom renovation project will begin in early May. This will include new restroom layouts, ADA accommodations, new all gender restrooms, new finishes, and new infrastructure to all restrooms in the building. Construction is expected to be complete mid-summer. Once construction is complete the temporary restroom trailer will be removed that is located on the exterior of the building.

The Campus Master Plan is set to begin in the next few weeks and will continue into early 2025.  More information will be provided soon.

Florida Tech Research Institute (FTRI) construction is scheduled to start during the summer at CAMID.  Construction is scheduled to begin in June with completion expected in early fall.

AeroSpace Cybersecurity Engineering Development (ASCEND) construction is scheduled to start during the early summer at CAMID.  The project consists of creating new lab space, a drone testing area, meeting space, new restrooms, and an inviting open are for gathering and collaboration.  Construction is scheduled to begin in July with completion expected mid to late 2025.

Sunrise Center Renovations continue on the first floor with completion expected later this summer.  The project will wrap up with the relocation of several departments moving into the new office suites including Admissions Operations, Campus Dining, Housing, and Marketing.

Below are notable projects that will occur in all areas of the campus.

  • Work is underway to create a new aerospace mobile telescope in collaboration with NASA and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.
  • Repairs and replacement of the seawall and docks at the Mertens Marine Center is nearing completion.
  • Exterior building repairs and painting will occur at the Applied Research Laboratory building.
  • New exterior signage is planned for the University Events and Protocol offices, Mertens site, and John E. Miller Office Building. Banners will be installed at locations including Bisk, CAI, Mertens, and the Sunrise Center.
  • Many improvements are underway at the athletic fields including the installation of a new digital scoreboard at the soccer and lacrosse field, installation of new cameras, removal of old sheds, and site improvements to the areas along the fields.
  • New outdoor wireless devices will be installed across the main campus to provide full coverage from the south end of the campus to the north end of the campus.
  • Improvements planned at Evans Library include interior painting of walls and doors, new flooring, and exterior pressure washing.
  • Safety enhancements at Evans Hall will occur with the installation of new cameras.
  • Renovations are underway at The Rathskeller Pizza and Grill located on the ground floor of Evans Hall.
  • Installation of a new solar picnic table is planned for the L3 Harris Commons site.
  • Interior improvements are occurring at the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business.
  • HVAC chiller replacement at Center for Aeronautics & Innovation is planned for the end of May.
  • Charles and Ruth Clemente Center gym floor refinishing and Gleason Performance Arts Center stage floor refinishing will occur in early May.
  • All Gender Restrooms will be installed at the Panther Dining Hall and Charles and Ruth Clemente Center.
  • Elevator modernization improvements will occur at the Charles and Ruth Clemente Center and Scott Center for Autism Treatment and Research.
  • Work continues for the Emergency Generator Replacement project at the Fredrick C. Crawford Building.
  • Improvements to the Columbia Village bridge include repairs and painting.
  • Facilities Operations Shipping and Receiving Improvements will occur to improve safety for staff and visitors.
  • Security Welcome Center dispatch area improvements.
  • A. Work Administrative building HVAC equipment replacement
  • Fire alarm improvements continue at Panther Bay and Southgate Complex.
  • Classroom Improvements are occurring or will begin at the Edwin A. Link Building and George M. Skurla Hall.
  • Routine summer maintenance and repair work are underway in the residence halls and will continue throughout the summer.
  • Deep cleaning of the carpets at the Panther Bay student apartments will occur in May.
  • Outside projects include parking lot striping, parking signage updates, and milling and paving of the east section of parking Lot 17 near Clemente and PDH.


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