Security Building

Access Control

New Access Requests (keys or electronic access card)

May be submitted for individuals with a legitimate need for access to their respective academic or administrative department by submitting an Access Request & Authorization form. Requests not authorized by a Dean or Vice President will not be processed.

Pickup of Keys & Cards

All credentials requested may be picked up at the Security Welcome Center, located at 3126 Panther Place.  A Florida Tech ID card or current driver’s license is required. Only the individual to whom a credential is issued may pick up that key or card. If a recipient is physically unable to pick up their credential, arrangements may be made with the Department of Security – Access Control Office personnel to arrange delivery and obtain required signatures.

Changes to Key & Cardholder Status

Access requests must list each door the recipient will access. The Access Control Office will send an automated confirmation of receipt to the requesting party, as well as notification when the credentials are ready for pickup. Credentials will be available for pick-up at the Security Welcome Center, 3126 Panther Place, for up to thirty (30) days before being destroyed.  Each department head is responsible for reporting any future changes in the status of their credential-holders to the Department of Security-Access Control Office.

Returning Keys & Cards / Terminations

All credentials no longer needed or that have been returned to a department by an exiting employee, must be returned to the Department of Security-Access Control Office within thirty (30) days of the separation.  An employee transferring departments is expected to return all hard keys issued by the previous department; the individual’s existing Florida Tech ID card may be kept and will have access updated as needed.

Replacing Lost/Stolen Credentials

Lost credentials must be reported immediately to the Department of Security and to the department responsible for requesting the keys. Lost credential replacement requests must have the Department of Security report number, and the Department of Security will determine whether to replace the missing credential or re-key the affected area.

Rekeying of Space

Rekeying of offices can be requested via the Access Request & Authorization form; Rekeying refers to the changing out of lock cores, as well as issuance of new keys. This is primarily done for physical security control in the case of new space allocation or department move, a lost key affecting security of an area, or remodeling/construction.

Card Access Doors

Hard keys for electronic override functions will not be issued; please refrain from requesting hard keys to electronic locks.

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