Safety(Compliance) Training

Office of Compliance & Risk Management Compliance Training

Online Training is available through Vivid Learning Systems. All training records are also maintained within Vivid.

Required Training and Registration

Required training and registration varies based on the training needs of each department. Please use the Quick Links to the left to navigate to the appropriate site. 

Vivid Learning Management System Training

Follow the instructions below to take the required safety courses on Vivid:

  1. Login to VividLMS with your TRACKS/CAS information.
  2. Required courses will be listed along with due dates for each course.
  3. Click on start tab to begin your training.
  4. Watch the course, take the exam, and save your certificate for your records.

Live Training

Live Training for all required courses is available upon request. Please contact EHS for availability.

If you are conducting live training, please use the Training Documentation (Sign-In Sheet) to document the event. Forward a copy of the sign-in sheet to for recordkeeping.

If you attended an external safety training event that you would like included in your training records, forward a copy of your certificate to EHS for recordkeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: I have been assigned to a course that does not appear to be applicable to my role/position.

A: Although EHS has attempted to properly categorize all employees with the recent training update, it is possible that you may have a unique role. Please contact if you feel you and/or your team members have been assigned courses that are not applicable to your position and duties.

Q: The Safety Training Website states that I am required to take courses that are not assigned to my Vivid profile.

A: The minimum training requirements for each department are automatically assigned in Vivid. Additional specialized courses may be required for your specific position and job duties. Refer to the “Notes” column on the Individual Safety Training website to determine if specialized training is applicable to your position. If you are not sure if a course is applicable, contact

Q: If specialized training courses are required, and I am not automatically enrolled, how do I enroll in the course?

A: Laboratory employees should submit the Laboratory Safety Training Questionnaire. Upon submittal, EHS will assign the required courses.

All other employees should follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to VividLMS with your TRACKS/CAS information.
  2. Click on (enroll in new course). Search for and select the appropriate course.
  3. Click the (home) tab to view your new course.
  4. Click on start tab to begin your training.
  5. Watch the course, take the exam, and save your certificate for your records (the EHS office will automatically receive certificates updates upon course completion).

Q: My training dashboard “completed courses” tab does not show the courses I took last year.

A: The “Completed Courses” tab only shows required courses that were completed in the current training year. Courses completed in prior training years and/or optional course completions can be found on the “Training Status Report Tab”.

Q: I completed training outside of the Vivid system that I would like included in my training records. How can I have it added to my record?

A: Email a copy of the training certificate to Upon receipt, we will upload the training record into the Learning Management System.

Q: I am a supervisor and I provided the Training in a live setting; how do I ensure employees receive credit for the training?

A: Email a roster that includes the Vivid Course Title, Date of Training, Student Names, Student ID numbers, and Student Signature to .

Q: I am a supervisor that would like EHS to facilitate the Vivid Online Training course in a live setting.

A: Email with the name of the course, proposed location, date, and time, and we will make every effort to accommodate. If we are not available at the proposed date/time, we will work with you to schedule another date/time.

Q: I am having technical issues during an online training session.

A: Review the Vivid Troubleshooting Guide. If you are still having trouble, contact Vivid Technical Support at 800-956-0333, M-F.

Q: I attempted and failed a course. Now I am locked out of the course.

A: Contact EHS at for assistance.

Q: Can I print a certificate for the training course I completed?

A: Yes – After logging in, go to the “Completed Courses” Tab, click on the green box “View Certificate” to print a pdf of the certificate. If it is a course that was completed in a prior year, click on the “Training Status Report” tab. Under the Status column, click the certificate icon to print a pdf of the certificate.