Regulated Wastes


Florida Institute of Technology produces various types of regulated wastes through research activities and/or institute maintenance spanning federal, state, and local regulations. Florida Techs’ Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) office manages all regulated wastes by supplying approved containers, support equipment, technical support, and transportation to our authorized temporary storage sites. All regulated wastes are properly disposed through permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

Please use the quick links to navigate to the appropriate section to learn more, or, schedule a waste pick-up. If unsure, follow the “waste determination” flowchart found in the documents section. Contact for any non-emergency comments, questions, or concerns.

Note: Waste will not be accepted at our main office. Please use the links for pick-up to the left or email When emailing please include what the substance is; where it is located; and any special issues with the substance. Personnel from EH&S will need this information to deal with every request. Not providing this information will delay assistance.

Note2: Please plan accordingly in managing your waste area. Other departments also require assistance.