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Regulated Wastes

***Please ensure when submiting your request that your required safety training is up-to-date and a present year chemical inventory has been turned in - Audits are ongoing.***

Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) produces various types of regulated wastes through research activities and/or institute maintenance spanning federal, state, and local regulations. Florida Techs’ Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) office manages all regulated wastes by supplying approved containers, support equipment, technical support, and transportation to our authorized temporary storage sites. All regulated wastes are properly disposed through permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

Use the quick links to navigate to the appropriate waste section to learn more about a specific type of waste, or, schedule a waste pick-up. Refer to the hazardous waste determination flow charts found in the documents section if you need help classifying a waste.

If you will be generating a new waste, and need assistance in setting up a waste accumulation area and new waste container, please complete the hazardous waste determination form and submit it to EHS.

Note: Waste will not be accepted at our main office. Please use the links for pick-up to the left. When emailing please include what the substance is; where it is located; and any special issues with the substance. Personnel from EHS will need this information to deal with every request. Not providing this information will delay assistance. Please plan accordingly in managing your waste area. Please submit your request for pick-up when your container is near full so a timely response can be given. Please do not wait until the container is full to submit – there are other departments that need assistance.  

Note2: Please ensure that you are doing your part in keeping container labels intact, in place, and legible so personnel can read what is on the label. Containers that are unknown/no labels will require sample testing that can run up to $737.00 per sample. The burden for funding will fall on the laboratory/shop prior to removal of waste. If an internal laboratory can do a product determination to save on the cost of sampling testing, then a container can be retrieved, providing that EHS has a written statement from the originating office of what the contents of the container is; If not, then EHS will require funds transfer to cover the cost of testing of your container.

Contact for any non-emergency comments, questions, or concerns.

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