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Workplace Inspection Program

PURPOSE: Workplace inspections reduce the risk of occupational injuries and illnesses by identifying unsafe and unhealthy conditions and providing the opportunity for such hazards to be abated before injuries or illnesses occur. Periodic facility/site inspections also provide an opportunity to verify compliance with applicable regulations and established workplace safety standards.


  1. OSHA General Duty Clause
  2. ES-1002 Safety and Occupational Health Inspections Policy

POLICY: All areas within Florida Tech facilities/sites shall be inspected at least annually to identify any unsafe or unhealthy conditions. In addition, focused, unscheduled inspections may be conducted in response to employee reports of unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Abatement of identified unsafe or unhealthy conditions will be initiated as soon as practicable based on the determined risk and required resources.


Under ES-1002 Safety and Occupational Health Inspections Policy


  1. Inspection Team: Dependent upon scheduling and availability, the inspection team will include the following individuals/groups: environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals with the knowledge and experience to identify unsafe and unhealthy conditions; bargaining unit representative(s); and representatives of the organizational unit occupying the location(s) under evaluation.

  2. Inspection Schedule: Annual inspections will be scheduled, and notification will be provided to Florida Tech management and the Risk and Compliance Manager. Unscheduled inspections may be conducted in the laboratory/animal research facilities because of the greater number of potentially hazardous conditions which exist in these facilities.

  3. Inspection Checklists: EHS inspection checklists for both office and laboratory/animal research areas will be updated annually, as necessary.

  4. Reports: Inspection findings for annual inspections will be reported to Florida Tech Office Directors within 2 weeks following completion of the inspection.

  5. Imminent Danger: Whenever the inspection team determines that a condition or work practice exists, which could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious injury immediately, or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated through a normal hazard abatement process, the inspection team will appropriately post the hazard, notify employees in the immediate work area, contact the Director of the Office of Media and Communications, notify the Risk and Compliance Manager as required, and initiate a hazard abatement process.

  6. Hazard Abatement: All unsafe or unhealthy conditions identified must be corrected within a reasonable time. The inspection report will identify the priority for hazard abatement and suggest appropriate corrective action(s). Hazard abatement actions which are not under the responsibility of affected Florida Tech or require resources outside of Florida Tech will be forwarded to the appropriate organizational unit. Correction of all unsafe or unhealthy conditions identified must be tracked by the appropriate organizational unit until the hazard(s) has been mitigated.