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Residence Requirements for PhD/DBA/AvD Students

Effective Date Mar 27, 2014

(Graduate Policy 2.7)

The residence requirement consists of (1) the performance of research under the direct supervision of the Florida Tech faculty for at least one calendar year, and (2) enrollment in a graduate program at Florida Tech for a minimum of two calendar years from the time of original registration.

A doctoral student who has been admitted to candidacy must normally register each academic term thereafter for three or more credit hours of dissertation throughout the remainder of his or her program. In some cases, registration for fewer credit hours is permitted in the final semester of registration; see graduate policy “Dissertation for Ph.D./D.B.A./Av.D. Students/Dissertation Registration” for details. After admission to doctoral candidacy, an interruption in registration is permissible only if the student is not making any use of university facilities or personnel, and requires prior written approval by the academic unit head and the director of graduate programs.

The student’s dissertation performance is evaluated in each term of registration, and grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) are assigned. These grades do not affect the student’s grade point average. S grades corresponding to the required number of dissertation credit hours are replaced by grades of P (Pass) on successful completion of the dissertation.

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