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Employment Law

The Psychology and Law Research Team has a broad area of interest, with a focal point of anywhere that psychology, employment, and law may intersect. Open to both I/O and Clinical graduate students, we use a student-centered approach, working together to further student-lead research interests and initiatives.

Some of our past and present areas of research include policing and perceptions of police, factors affecting work engagement in special populations, employability and restrictions imposed on ex-felons and perceptions of ex-felons, assessing stereotypes we form about counterproductive work behavior and how those stereotypes affect our endorsements of punishments in the workplace, positive and negative political stances and how that is perceived in employment decisions, and perceptions of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vanessa Edkins (Dr. Edkin's website)

Team Members: Nicholas Moon, Katherine Rau, Lily Kerr, Michael Sawdy, Anesia Rolle, Joseph Burton, Alexis Booth, Alyssa Michels, Alexis Redmond, and Lida Ponce.

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