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Frequently Asked I/O Questions

Program Statistics and Demographics

Learn more about class size and teacher/student ratios.

Academic Environment

Learn more about our high-tech, world class academic environment.

Opportunities and Research

Learn more about what you can be a part of through our diverse opportunities and research.

Financial Considerations

Learn more about student employment, financial aid, scholarships, and other financial considerations.

Social Environment and Culture

Learn more about what makes Florida Tech so unique with regard to our social environment and culture.

Living at Florida Tech

Learn more about lifestyle, facilities, and amenities available to you when you are living at Florida Tech.

About the Program Demographics

What is the average class size?

The average incoming class size in the I/O program ranges from 10-12 students. 
The number of students in any one class typically varies from 5-15 depending on the level of the course.

How many Masters students are there?

There are typically about 20 MS students enrolled in the program.

How many Doctoral students are there?

There are typically about 40 PhD students enrolled in the program.

How many full-time Professors are there?

We have seven full time professors who teach and supervise students in the I/O program. 
To learn more about the faculty and their research interests check out the faculty page.


About the Academic Environment

How many students apply to the graduate program?

We typically receive over 100 applications per year.

How many students are admitted to the graduate program?

On average, 8-12 students are admitted into the program a year (This includes both the masters and Ph.D. program).

What is the average GPA?

Approximately 3.5.

What is the average GRE score?

The average GRE score is approximately 306 which is the GRE Verbal and GRE Quantitative combined. The GRE Psychology test is not required for admission.

Do Students in the M.S. and Ph.D. have different program plans?

Typically the Master's degree program is completed in 2 years. If you are entering with a Bachelor's degree the Ph.D. program is typically completed between 4 1/2 and 5 years. Students have the same classes and developmental opportunities regardless of their choice of program.

How do I apply to the I/O program at Florida Tech?

Complete admission information is available on the admissions website.

When should I apply to Florida Tech's graduate I/O program? What is the deadline?

The deadline for priority consideration in both programs is December 1. Applications can be submitted after this date, but are subject to availability. It is generally a good idea to get your materials in early so you can make sure your file is complete.

Are students encouraged to visit Florida Tech before applying?

Students are encouraged to visit the program any time. Some students choose to visit before applying, and others visit once they are accepted in order to make their final decision.

What qualifications do you consider? Are some criteria weighted more than others?

We take a whole person approach to selecting students. GRE scores are a factor, but only one in a set of factors we look at when making our selection decisions, which is why they are recommend, but not required. GPA particularly within the subject, and in the last two years of school is examined. We also take a close look at letters of recommendation for indicators of "fit" with our work values and organizational culture. Written statements also are useful tools when selecting students, especially when they clearly articulate particular interest in and alignment with our program along with future career goals. While test scores are a valid predictor, they are not the only one we use.

Should I take any specific courses to prepare me for grad school?

Courses in psychology are relevant and helpful, especially those that emphasize psychological research methods. An Intro to I/O course would be helpful. If your school doesn't offer this, a human resource or organizational behavior class might be appropriate.


About Research and Opportunities

How Active is your Faculty research?

The I/O Faculty at Florida Tech is very active in scholarly work.  Each faculty member maintains a strong team based program of research.  Our program faculty has roughly 25 papers a year accepted at the SIOP conference.  In addition our faculty publishes on average two publications a year per person.  Our faculty members have also written several scholarly books, contributed chapters to edited books, and serve on editorial boards of refereed journals.  In the last 3 years we have had over 100 papers and presentations at SIOP and 50 journal publications and book chapters.

How Active is your Student research?

Many students are also involved with research here in the I/O program.  Much of the research is conducted in teams.  Each research team has between 5-10 members that range from 1st to 5th year.  We encourage students to present at conferences and publish, and we encourage faculty to publish with their students

Do I have to work with just one faculty or will I be able to get involved in several projects with different people?

There is no rule here stating that you have to work with the faculty member that you were initially assigned to as an academic advisor.  We encourage students to switch to an advisor that they are comfortable with, and also share interests with.  Once you have found an advisor you can still work with multiple faculty members across different projects.  Many of our students are on two research teams.

Do students have the chance to attend and/or present research at professional conferences?

Yes, the students here at Florida Tech definitely make the conference rounds.  We have very high attendance rates for both the IOOB and SIOP conferences.  In addition we have had students present papers at APA, Academy of Management, and the South Western Management Association, as well as a number of international I/O and cross cultural psychology conferences.

What applied experiences do the faculty at Florida Tech have?

The I/O professors at Florida Tech have a great deal of consulting experience.  These consultations include expert legal testimony, statistical analyses for court cases, development of employment and certification exams, development of personality measures and large scale organizational surveys, team building, leadership training, and 360 degree performance appraisal systems. Several of the faculty are actively involved in and in The Center for Organizational Effectiveness and the Institute for Culture, Collaboration and Management through which they supervise and work on consulting projects in many different areas. 

Are students able to get experience while at Florida Tech?

Students can get as much hands on experience as they want.  This usually is in the form of a practicum in outside organizations.  During the practicum students receive over 300 hours of training in I/O related skills.  Once the practicum is over, many students elect to stay employed with the organization until they finish school to get more experience.  In addition, students can gain hands on experience through the Center for Professional Service, our campus based consulting firm.  These consulting projects are staffed by students, and supervised by the I/O faculty.

Where are graduates employed?

Florida Tech I/O alumni are employed in a variety of settings. Many of our students move forward into traditional consulting or applied research positions with companies such as Apple, Amazon, IBM, Development Dimensions International, Korn Ferry, Marriot, Center for Creative Leadership, PSI, L3Harris Corporation, Army Research Laboratory, Walt Disney World, Proctor & Gamble, Nordstrom, and NASA. Others begin academic positions at colleges and universities across the US and beyond.

Does Florida Tech have a more applied or research focus?

Our goal is to maintain a balance between applied and academic perspectives.  All of our faculty consult and conduct research.  That allows the faculty to provide real world examples and data in and outside of the classroom.  We adhere to the scientist practitioner model of training, and our curriculum emphasizes commitment to balanced training.

Are students required to have an internship or conduct research?

Either the practicum or thesis is required at the Master’s level.  Internship/practicum is not required for the doctoral level. Participation outside of class in other applied or research activities is not required, but is highly encouraged.


About Financial Considerations

How much is it per credit hour and how many credits do students normally take?

Information on graduate student fees can be located on the registrar's webpage. Students usually take 9-12 credit hours per semester and 3-6 hours in the summer.

How many students receive funding?

Many of our students receive some funding, but most do not receive full funding. Funding is in the form of tuition remission and can be from research assistantship, teaching assistantship and scholarship. Students may also receive stipends from their work in our consulting and research centers.

How many years can I expect funding?

Most who apply receive graduate funding.  This can extend in to the 4th or 5th year.

Will I be able to get a teaching or research assistantship for my first year?

It is not likely you will teach in your first semester unless you enter the program with your Master’s degree.  Some research assistantships are available for 1st years. Nearly all students who desire teaching experience have the opportunity to teach or TA undergraduate classes in psychology and research methods.

Are students funded for traveling to conferences or other school related functions?

There is some limited funding for research related expenses, but most students do pay their own way to conferences.

Do students usually need to take out loans?

Most of our students do take out student loans.  Information regarding student loans can be found in our financial aid department. Check out the financial aid website for more information.

Can I work part-time at my current job or get a job while in school?

A part time job is feasible once you have adjusted to the increased pace of grad school.  Roughly half of our students have some type of outside employment.  Many of these students have paid internships working in HR or I/O types of positions.

What will I be doing as a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant?

Research assistants are usually given greater responsibility in the research teams.  They are often research team leaders.  These individuals organize the day-to-day activities of the research teams.  These activities include literature search, training team members, study design, data collection, statistical analyses and preparing papers and presentations.  Teaching assistants either help teach lab sections of courses, or teach the entire course.  Teaching GSAs meet regularly with faculty advisors to receive guidance on effective teaching and talk about issues that may have popped up.

What classes will I take my first year?

Intro to I/O Psychology, Stat and Research Methods I & II, Organizational Psychology, Test and Measures, and Intro to Research Methods.

What is the typical workload for a student in the program during their first year? Does this change as they progress?

Students are enrolled in three classes per semester, totaling nine hours per week.  To prepare adequately for class and exams, students typically spend from 20-30 hours per week studying.  Extra activities (e.g., research teams and committees) require additional time. 


About the Social Environment and Culture

What is the atmosphere like at Florida Tech?

The atmosphere of Florida Tech’s I/O program is very collaborative in nature.  Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research and applied projects.  In addition, students may also work with one another in research teams and on projects in the classroom.  This collaborative atmosphere fosters an environment in which students are encouraged to learn from working with faculty, as well from working with their peers.

What is it about the culture at Florida Tech that makes it different from other top programs?

Florida Tech’s I/O program is grounded in the idea of providing rigorous training and professional development while maintaining a laid-back culture.  We are in a state of growth which has been possible largely because of an emphasis on capitalizing on the unique strengths of the faculty and students.  Students are encouraged to pursue their unique interests, in addition to structuring their learning experience in a way that will be most beneficial to their professional goals.  A core value of the program is being open to, and learning from diverse viewpoints.  The presence of this value has played a major role in shaping the culture and learning experiences provided in the program. 

How diverse is the I/O program at Florida Tech?  e.g. age ranges; educational backgrounds; occupational experiences?

We have students and alumni from all over the world including Barbados, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Taiwan, South Africa, Nigeria, Panama, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, South Korea, Brazil, Trinidad and the USA. We have had students with a wide range of ages; however most are recently graduated traditional students.

Our faculty members come from various parts of the country including Ohio, New York, Florida, Wisconsin and Louisiana. 

How can I get to know more about the current graduate students?

The mentoring program for the incoming and current students provides a wealth of information about our program.  It is a great way to get to know students before attending school at Florida Tech and to ask any questions you may have.

What goes on outside of academics and research within the program?

Students try to find the time to relax in social settings when they have the time. Some students have internships or outside jobs. Melbourne is in central Florida and big cities are close - Orlando is only about 45 minutes, Miami is about 3.5 hours, Daytona is about 1 hour. There are nice beaches about 10 minutes from school, shopping, restaurants, bars, golf courses, etc. Most students would agree that Melbourne is a quiet surf town. 


About Living at Florida Tech

Do students typically live on or off Florida Tech’s campus?

While some students live on campus, most of our students opt to live off campus in apartments or rental homes. There are no residence halls solely devoted to graduate students.

How safe is Florida Tech?

Florida Tech is  a relatively safe campus. We have roaming security day and night.  The campus is well lit and in a safe part of town.  Students would be advised to take regular security precautions.  Check out the Department of Security website for more information. The Florida Tech Trolley provides free transportation around campus and to downtown Melbourne on the weekends.

What is a typical renting rate in the Melbourne area?

Rent has recently fluctuated greatly due to growth on the Space Coast. You are encouraged to visit or the ApartmentAdvisor page for FIT students for information on rentals.

When do students make living arrangements?

It is best to start planning as soon as you know that you will be attending the university as vacancies in the area do fill up quickly. Rentals are typically formally secured 1-2 months prior to arriving.

Do I need to have a car?

There is plenty of housing within walking distance of campus and the Florida Tech Trolley provides free transportation around campus and to downtown Melbourne on the weekends. However, most students find it desirable to have a car.

What is the weather like year round?

The weather is sub-tropical and usually sunny. In the winter a light jacket may be desired at times.  From summer through fall, it can be extremely hot and humid (some of us call this the "pool season") and rain is very common even if only for few minutes a day. Check out for the most current forecast (32901).

What is the Melbourne area like?

Melbourne is a calm location with a small town feel.  Orlando is relatively close and is a popular destination on Friday nights.  It takes about an hour to get there.  Florida Tech is very close to the ocean, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to get there.

Is there a health care facility on campus?

There is a health center on campus; for more information visit the Holzer Health Center website.

For information about student health insurance visit the student health insurance program webpage.

Students also make good use of the Clemente Center, Florida Tech's fitness and aquatic center.

Do I need to have my own computer?

It is recommended that you have your own computer, but the campus does have resources available.  Laptops are convenient since most of the buildings on campus permit wireless internet access. 

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact Dr. Jessica Wildman at or phone at +1 (321) 674-7130 for more information. 

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