Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Academic Accommodations

Q: Do I have to use my academic accommodations for every class?

A: Students can choose specific courses in which they want to utilize their accommodations. For example, a student may feel successful without accommodations in a composition course but may need them in a mathematics course. Please remember that some accommodations, such as testing in a low distraction setting, require advanced notice to be given to the instructor(s) and testing center staff, so planning ahead when making the decisions is important.

Q: Where do I take my quizzes, tests, and exams?

A: If extended time and/or a low distraction setting for testing has been approved, students can schedule their testing at the SSSC by making a testing appointment. The OAR requires 48-72 hours advanced notice, depending on the testing accommodation request. If the course instructor(s) can replicate such accommodations, then students may be required to take the quiz/test/exam within the academic department.

Q: If I become eligible to receive accommodations, can I request a grade change for prior coursework completion?

A: Accommodations are unable to be retroactively implemented. Students can expect their accommodations to become effective on the day they are activated and notification is sent by the OAR.

Q: What do I do if I feel my accommodations are not being met?

A: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 require postsecondary institutions to have a grievance procedure for students with disabilities. Students are encouraged to seek support from the OAR for assistance with accommodation concerns. Information concerning the Student Complaint Resolution Process can be located in the Florida Tech Student Handbook.

Living Accommodations

Q: I plan to live on campus this semester. Can the OAR assist me with getting accommodations in my residence hall?

A: The OAR can assist with a living accommodation request based on a disabling condition. Students would be required to follow the same documentation requirements as with an academic accommodations request. If approved for residence hall accommodations, the OAR and Campus Services can coordinate living accommodation services to meet the students' needs.

Q: I have issues with mobility. Can I park my vehicle in the designated handicapped spaces on the campus?

A: Florida state law requires that a vehicle must have a handicap license or tag to park in a designated handicap space. Students with such a license/tag can park in the handicap spaces if the tag is clearly displayed. Students who do not have a handicap license/tag are asked to contact Campus Security, who provides on-campus transportation for students with mobility issues. For further information, Campus Security may be reached at 321-674-8111. Also, Florida Tech’s trolley system has an accessible bus for transportation around campus. View the trolley schedule information.

Q: I have celiac disease and have dietary restrictions. How can I have my eating needs met?

A: Students do not need to register through the OAR for solely dietary needs. They are encouraged to contact Campus Dining Services to communicate their specific concerns and to work together to coordinate dietary needs. For further information, Campus Dining Services may be reached at 321-674-7458.

Q: What is the process for requesting an accommodation for an emotional support animal (ESA)?

A: Students need to complete the ESA request form with their provider, which is located under the forms section of the OAR webpage. Once the form is completed, OAR will review the request for services. Please keep in mind that there are deadlines each semester when making an ESA request. View the Emotional Support Animal Policy.

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