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Is Workday easy to use? 

  • Workday is a very user friendly and intuitive.

What can Faculty and Staff do in Workday?

  • Faculty and Staff will be able to update their personal information, view their payslips, view academic appointments, apply for positions, review departmental and grant related finance, and much more!

How will Workday make my job easier?

  • Workday will provide automation, improve efficiency, and productivity.

How is Workday Accessible?

  • Workday can be accesed on your mobile device as well as using most current browsers.

How will we be trained in the new system? 

  • Online and instructor-led Workday training will be available for all Florida Tech employees.


Why did Florida Tech choose Workday?

  • Workday is a cloud based ERP solution which provides enhanced accessibility and a more intuitive user experience.  It will help Florida Tech become a choice employer by improving hiring opportunities and employee engagement.

Who is Alchemy?

  • Alchemy is our implementation partner.  They are our Workday Consultants.

Will Banner go away?

  • Eventually, but not yet. As Workday is implemented, corresponding Banner workstream will no longer be used.