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Is Workday easy to use? 

  • Yes.

Why did Florida Tech choose Workday?

  • The goal of this initiative is to streamline processes and procedures, provide actionable data at your fingertips and allow all employees more time to focus on strategic initiatives that support Florida Tech’s goals. The implementation of Workday facilitates effective decision making.

Who is Alchemy?

  • Alchemy is our Workday implementation partner that is providing strategic planning, business process mapping and improvement, systems implementation and integration.

When will the project be complete?

  • The Workday project has two waves. Wave 1 consists of HR, Finance, Payroll and Grants data and is scheduled to go live on July 1, 2020. Wave 2 consists of Student data and the final date is forthcoming.

How will Workday make my job easier?

  • Workday will automate and streamline administrative business processes and workflows. This means that it will take less time to complete tasks in Workday than it currently does. Efficiency and productivity will increase with fewer clicks in the system required by the end user.

Will Banner go away?

  • Banner will not go away with Wave 1, but Banner WILL NOT be utilized for HR, Finance, Payroll and Grants transactions once Wave 1 is complete. Banner WILL be available to view HR, Finance, Payroll and Grants historical data as needed. Banner WILL continue to be utilized for Student-related transactions until Wave 2 is complete.

How will we be trained in the new system? 

  • Online and instructor-led Workday training will be available for all Florida Tech employees depending on system usage. 

Is Workday Mobile?                                                                                                                       

  • Yes. Workday is accessible via connected mobile devices.

Will Workday work with any browser?

  • Most current browsers will support Workday. It is recommended that you use Chrome.

Will I need to contact HR to change my personal information?

  • No. Employees will be able to update their personal information as needed in Workday.