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Education Partner Program

The Education Partner program is open to companies that expect to enroll five or more students in ABA Online courses over a one-year period. Qualified employees receive a discount of 10 percent on tuition rates for online behavior analysis courses in the following fifth edition programs:

  • Graduate Certificate – Assistant Behavior Analyst (GCP 8036)
  • Graduate Certificate – Behavior Analyst (GCP 8037)
  • Master of Arts – Behavior Analysis Practice (major code 8155)
  • Edition Transition – ABA 5th Edition – Behavior Analysis Online (NM 0102)

How can my company become an Education Partner?

Ask your supervisor or human resources representative if your company is already enrolled in the Education Partner Program at Florida Tech.

If they are not a member yet, your company can get started by sending us an email indicating their interest in joining to It is quick and easy, just two quick forms to fill out and there is no cost to join or maintain membership!

How do students qualify for the discount?

After your company is set up as an Education Partner company, they will provide you two forms to be completed:

  1. Student Information and Employment Verification. This requires the student’s information and signature, along with the signature of a company representative. The completed form should be sent directly to us from the company, we cannot accept them from the student.
  2. Authorization for Release of Personally Identifiable Student Information. Student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). This form enables communication between Florida Tech and the Education Partner company about the student if needed, which allows us to handle administration of the program.

It is very important that the student lists company representatives individually, by name, on the FERPA release form (the company name cannot be used) and signs both forms. The completed forms will be turned in to your qualified representative and sent to us directly from your employer; we cannot accept the forms from the student.

How do students register with the discount?

Once the completed forms are received and processed, the discount will be enabled for qualified students going forward; we will email you with confirmation once the discount is active. Please note that we are unable to apply the discount retroactively. If you register for classes prior to receiving your confirmation email, the discount will be applied starting with the following semester.

Tuition and fees are charged according to the rates in effect at the time of enrollment; these rates are subject to change. The discount applies to tuition only; it does not apply to application fees, textbooks, materials, or any other fees.

If you have any further questions about the Education Partner Program or require assistance, we are here to help! Please email or visit our contact page for phone hours.

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