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Biomedical Engineering Advising

Advising and Registration Process

Each undergraduate student is assigned a faculty advisor. Graduate students choose their own advisors. The role of the advisor is to answer any technical academic questions the student may have about a particular subject and advise the student regarding courses needed, which will coincide with the student's program flowchart.

Once the schedule of classes for the following semester is released, students should decide which classes they wish to take and meet with their advisor. The advisor will review the courses and advise the student of any changes that need to be made. The student can then register for classes.

The Registrar's Office provides further information about registration.

Advisors will provide information about their office hours and students may contact the advisor to schedule a meeting time. Students may also contact their advisor if they find they are struggling with a course or encountering other problems. The faculty want to see each student succeed and will do everything they can to help.

Technical / Restricted Electives

Technical Elective

A technical elective is a course in any field of science or engineering, subject to department or program approval. Courses classified as mathematics, basic science, applied science, engineering science, engineering design or some combination of these can satisfy the requirement. These courses should be at a level appropriate to the level at which they appear in the program.  (Only one 3000 level course can be taken as a Technical Elective)

Restricted Elective

A restricted elective must carry a BME prefix elective. A listing of these courses will be available in program office during registration.

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