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Advising And Registration

Registering for classes is a simple and straightforward process as long as you are prepared. Students may register for classes from their appointed time through 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday of the second week of classes. Registration closes the same Wednesday at noon precisely.

Students' assigned start time for registration may depend on their level (undergraduate or graduate), their degree program, and their earned semester credits plus credits in progress.

Students must register for and/or drop AVF and ESL courses at the Registrar's Office in L3Harris Commons.

Clear Holds

All academic, financial and administrative holds that prevent registration must be cleared through the respective office(s) before a student is given access to register. Holds may be viewed in PAWS.


All students must be advised prior to registration. Your adviser will indicate approval of your semester course plan by signing the registration form. You are permitted to register only for courses that were approved in writing by your faculty adviser.

Undergraduate students registering for more than 21 credit hours in the spring or fall semesters, or more than 13 credit hours in any of the summer terms, must have their registration forms signed by the dean of their college as well as by their adviser.

Main Campus Undergraduate Students (29 or fewer transfer credits)

Contact your First-Year Experience advisor.

Main Campus Undergraduate students (30+ Credits) and Graduate Students

Bisk College of Business


Patricia Macy 321-674-7167


Susan Popelka 321-674-7347

College of Aeronautics

COA Staff 321-674-8120

College of Engineering and Science

COES Student Coordinators

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts – School of Arts and Communication

        School of Arts and Communication Coordinators 

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts – School of Behavior Analysis

School of Behavior Analysis Student Coordinators 

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts – School of Psychology

School of Psychology Student Coordinators

Florida Tech Online (8-week) Students

Contact a student success representative/coach.

Education Center Students

Orlando Education Center     

     2420 Lakemont Avenue Ste. 190 Orlando, FL 32814

     Phone: (407) 629-7132

Spaceport Education Center

     6855 Tico Road, Suite 102 Titusville, FL 32780

     Phone: 321 674-8520

Virtual Education Center

     Phone: (321) 674-8409
     Toll Free: (888) 225-2239

Review your Plan of Study

Registering For Classes As A Dual-Enrolled Student

Students who are admitted for dual enrollment meet with the Florida Tech Academic Support Center (ASC) Director in order to register for their desired courses.

Registering for Courses

Registering for Classes

From your scheduled registration time through Wednesday of the second week of classes, you may register for classes through PAWS, or by bringing a signed registration form to the Registrar.

Once registered, you may drop courses without adviser approval through Wednesday of the second week of classes. Beginning the same Thursday, all registration business must be conducted at the Office of the Registrar.

How to Register Using PAWS

Log into PAWS and follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the "Students" button.

  2. Click the "Registration" box.

  3. Click on "Add or Drop Classes" to begin registration.

  4. Select the term you would like to register for and press "Submit."

  5. Enter the CRN (course reference number) for the specific course you wish to register for and then press "Submit Changes." If you need to find courses, click on Class Search and look for the courses you want to add.

  6. Search for the subject you are looking for and click on the subject, then click "Course Search"

  7. Once you find the course you want to add, click "View Sections"

    Once you find the course you want, click View Sections

  8. Choose the section you want and click "Register" or "Add to Worksheet"

    Choose the section you want and click Register or Add to Worksheet

  9. You are now registered for your course. To drop the course (until the second Monday of class) use the drop-down menu under "Action" and select "Web Drop - No Record".

    You are registerd for the course, to drop use the drop-down menu and select Web Drop - No Record
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