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Florida Tech's Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences (BCES) is committed to providing undergraduate and graduate students with an outstanding education in both the theoretical development and laboratory application of advanced technologies to elevate and advance the field. BCES faculty are internationally renowned researchers who have obtained prestigious grants from government agencies and corporations, published articles in well-respected journals, and authored books. Students in the BCES department have significant educational advantages that come with small class sizes and direct access to these faculty members, who serve as instructors, mentors, and in many cases, collaborators.

Department Announcements

COVID-19 acts as a vascular Disease, implications for Diabetics

Doctoral student Amanda Almeida de Oliveira and mentor Dr Kenia Nunes published “Crosstalk of TLR4, vascular NADPH oxidase, and COVID-19 in diabetes: What are the potential implications?” in the May edition of Vascular Pharmacology.  The review article hypothesizes that Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4)-mediated NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species may contribute to increased COVID-19 severity in diabetics.

Sex-specific Variation in Vascular Function Led by Student-Faculty Team

Dr Nunes in LabDoctoral student Amanda Almeida de Oliveira and mentor Dr Kenia Nunes, along with colleagues from Augusta University (GA) and the University of South Carolina, reported in the April 2021 issue of Frontiers in Physiology that Heat Shock Protein (HSP) 70 is crucial for vascular reactivity in a sex-specific manner, revealing a novel mechanism for decreased susceptibility by females to cardiovascular disease.

Chemistry Doctoral Student Wins Navy Award

Deneyelle Wilson, a doctoral student in Dr Andy Knight's lab, is investigating plasmonically-active Student sitting at microscopegraphene hydrogel-metal nanoparticle materials to degrade chemical warfare agents.  She received a prestigious Naval Research Enterprise Program summer 2021 internship to perform research with mentor Dr Brandy White at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.

Student Government Association Selects BCES Faculty as Professor of the Year

Headshot of Dr Eric GuisbertDr Eric Guisbert is the 2021 SGA Professor of the Year for the College of Engineering & Sciences.  While researching genomic regulators of the heat shock response, Dr Guisbert teaches Biological Discovery I, Developmental Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Biology of Aging, Scientific Skills, and Molecular Genetics.  The Guisbert laboratory recently published "Chronic temperature stress inhibits reproduction and disrupts endocytosis via chaperone titration in " in the 15 April 2021 of BMC Biology.

Plant Biology Conference Lauds Florida Tech Students

Doctoral students Thiara Bento and Kirstin Cutshaw earned second and third place, respectively, for their oral presentations at the Southern Section of the American Society of Plant Biology Annual Conference held April 17 & 18, 2021. Thiara’s multidisciplinary research on plant-plant interactions integrates plant ecology with metabolomics.  Kirstin’s recognition for image analysis coupled with analytical chemistry is the first time the conference bestowed an oral presentation award for algal work.

Graduate Students Earn HIghest Honors at Florida Academy of Sciences competition

TVirtual Meeting Screen Shotop awards were bestowed for Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentations at the A student working at computerFlorida Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting held March 19 & 20, 2021. Ibtida Sultana and Tahmid Islam earned first and second place, respectively, in the Engineering Sciences Section, while Muzammil M.N. Ahmed won first place in the Environmental Chemistry & Chemical Sciences Section. In the Medical Sciences Section, Melyse Laud won first place for Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Presentation.

ACS highlights Two Chemistry Faculty for performance-Enhancing Drug detection Method

Headshot of Dr Christopher ChouinardDr Christopher Chouinard and his collaborator Dr Roberto Peverati are pioneering a new ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) method, making it more challenging for athletes to hide doping compounds.  As announced by the American Chemical Society on 5 April 2021, the Florida Tech researchers successfully applied IM-MS to steroids and banned glucocorticoids in urine and are now using machine learning methods to predict new illicit steroids.


Undergraduate chemistry major Katie Wilson accepting award.Senior Chemistry Student Receives Two  Awards

Senior chemistry major Katie Wilson recently received two awards recognizing her research achievements. Katie has been awarded the 2020 Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry by the Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society. Additionally, Katie has been recognized as the 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Student by the Orlando section of the American Chemical Society. Congratulations, Katie!


Gordon Nelson holding Basil C. Pearce Award plaqueUniversity Professor Named "Author Extraordinaire" by Western Cover Society

Gordon Nelson, Ph.D., a university professor of chemistry, Fellow of the American Chemical Society, and multi-award winning polymer scientist, has added another accolade to his already inimitable curriculum vitae. Dr. Nelson received the 2021 Basil C. Pearce Award for his article, "Langton's Humboldt Express," which appeared in the March 2020 edition of Western Express, the research journal of early western mails.

BCES News & Stories

A Purposeful Impact

A Purposeful Impact

Three university students have designed a machine and app that could allow underserved communities access to a critical diagnostic service.

Machine Learning May Help Understand Neurodegenerative Diseases

Machine Learning May Help Understand Neurodegenerative Diseases

The artificial neural network may provide better care to patients with diseases such as Bell’s palsy, Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

Florida Tech Receives $5.1 Million Gift to Name Health Sciences Center

Florida Tech Receives $5.1 Million Gift to Name Health Sciences Center

Florida Tech’s newest facility will be named the Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences building, honoring the longtime dean and professor.