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Facilities Operations

Safety Training

Facilities Operations maintains a safety training video library for use by all Faculty, Staff, and Students of Florida Tech. Formal courses and certifications are available for a growing number of topics. For further information pertaining to these programs, please contact the Facilities Operations office at extension 8038, or via email. Suggestions for additions to our library and training programs are encouraged.

Available Safety Videos

1 Fall Protection Make The Connection Highlighted Fall protection measurement for employees and covers the use of: Body Harnesses, Shocking Absorbing Lanyards, The Swing Effect, Rope grabs, Retractable Lanyards and more LIP 20 mins 2010 DVD
2 Lock-Out/Tag-Out Topics covered in these products include: Types of Energy, Lock-out/tag out devices, lock-out/tag-out procedures, dissipating energy, special , hysraulic and pneumatic systems. Marcom 22 mins 2009 DVD
3 Forklift Safety - The Triangle Of Stability Instructs forklift operators on how to safely maneuver their vehicles: Forklift stability, stability triangle, working with different surfaces, carrying loads properly, proper braking techniques, preventing property damage and how to move through environment safely. Wumbus 10 mins 2010 DVD
4 Hand & Power Tool Safety In Construction Environments This video shows how accidents can be significantly reduced by applying good general safety rules: Tool hazards, maintenance, inspecting power tools, PPE and protection from hazards, choosing tools that "fit" you and the job. Marcom 18 mins 2008 DVD
5 Toxic Mold - The Facts This video takes the mystery out of this sensitive subject and informs viewers of exactly what toxic mold is. The hazards involved and some possible solutions. Safety Source 12 mins 2003 DVD
6 Backing, Parking And Intersections - Commercial Vehicles Illistrates what these drivers must know to avoid accidents and other mishaps in operating these types of vehicles. Covers: When to avoid backing up, walkarounds & inspections, dealing with blind spots, using help in backing, parking planning, safe & legal parking, approaching 3 types of intersections. LIP 18 mins   DVD
7 Personal Protective Equipment: Safe At Work This video is a perfect orientation and refresher that helps new and veteran employees alike understand their role and responsibilities for protecting themselves from on-the-job hazards. This all-inclusive presentation covers eye, face, head, hand, and foot protection, plus respiratory protection and hearing conservation. JJ Keller 25 mins 2008 DVD
8 Ladder Safety This training program demonstrates: Ladder selection, inspection before use, setting up and moving ladders, climbing on ladders, ladder accidents. Marcom 13 mins 2010 DVD
9 WHAT?! Protecting Your Hearing This program's upbeat approach will keep your employees tuned in to how they can protect themselves and their ears. CLMI 13 mins 2006 DVD
10 Defensive Driving Techniques Your Ticket to Safety Some of the many topics covered are: Use of seat belts, stopping and following distances, adverse weather conditions, proper adjustment, use of mirrors. They need to stay alert at all times. Safety Source 20 mins 2011 DVD
11 Hazard Communications This step-by-step video presentation makes it easy to understand the OSHA required precautions for preventivg injuries caused by dangerous chemicals at any worksite. Covers: Potential injuries resulting from hazardous chemical contact. Material safety data sheets, container labels, best safety practices for working with chemicels. Summit Training Source 19 mins 2008 DVD
12 Chainsaw Safety Basics - An Experts' Perspective Trains your employees on the risks involved and proper safety procedures to follow when using a chain saw. Topics covered are: Instruction of the proper daily safety precautions for use of chainsaws on the job. Covers use of proper PPE and machine guarding, outlines safety procedures from pre-use inspection all the way to shutdown. Gives viewers the information they need to know for each operator to remain responsible for their own safety by following safe operating practices. Wumbus 16 mins 2011 DVD
13 Heat Stress Topics covered include: Situations leading to heat-related illnesses, heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Other heat-related illnesses, prepareing to work in hot environments, engineering controls, treating heat-releating illnesses. Marcom 13 mins 2010 DVD
14 Welding Safety Provides comprehensive training on: Types of welding, potential hazards, purpose and importance of ventilation, proper personal productive equipment, purpose and procedures of a hot work permit, fire prevention techniques, special welding situations. Summit Training Source 15 mins 1996 DVD
15 Electrical Safety This program assists in satisfying the OSHA training requirements under 29 CFR Part 1910.331 (electrical safety standard) for "non-qualified" employees. Topics covered include: Basic terms and definetions, Circuits and flow of electricity, recognizing and avoiding electrical hazards, special environments, dealing with an electrical accident. Marcom 17 mins 2010 DVD
16 First Aid Safety This video shows employees that knowing and applying basic first aid can limit the severity of injuries, or prevent a death. Marcom 15 mins 2008 DVD
17 The Safe Operation Of Utility Carts With this video you'll learn: Daily inspections (tires, fluids, steering, obstacles) load limits, occupant and pedestrian safety, speeding, skidding and surfaces, turns, center of gravity, blind spots, backing up, ramps, parking and rules for riders. LIP 10 mins 2009 DVD
18 Basics Of OSHA Record Keeping   CCI   2011  
19 Hand and Power Tool Safety Work preparation and PPE selection, choosing the right tool for the job, safe work practices for all tools The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
20 Hand and Power Tool Safety   JJKeller     VHS
21 Power Tool Principles   Video Communications 23 mins   VHS
22 Chain Saw Safety Injuries resulting from improper use, felling & bucking, tips for starting & refueling, proper clothing, safe undercuts The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
23 Bomb Threat Procedures Bomb incident plans, physical security plans, written procedures, personal responsibility The Training Network 19 mins   VHS
24 Fall Protection Hydraulic and lattice booms, fall protection types: guardrails, safety nets, fall arrest and monitoring systems, control access zones. Types of lanyards, snap hooks and d-rings. Pre-use inspection of equipment, rescue methods The Training Network 20 mins   VHS
25 Basic First Aid Cuts, bleeding, broken bones, pulls/strains, burns, shock, artificial respiration and CPR The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
26 Heat Stress Heat regulation in the body, eating, drinking and dressing to manage heat, first aid for heat stress and stoke The Training Network 12 mins   VHS
27 Bloodbourne Pathogens Custodian Definitions of bloodbourne pathogens, discussion of HBV, HIV and AIDS, transmission routes, PPE and universal precautions The Training Network 17 mins   VHS
28 Dealing with Hazardaous Spills HazCom and emergency response plans, 5 levels of OSHA's HAZMAT training, initial spill response and spill containment, instruments used to identify chemicals involved The Training Network 23 mins   VHS
29 Hazardous Communications - Right to Know Hazardous material definition & OSHA safety standards, labels, MSDS, labeling containers, using labeled materials The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
30 Toxic Mold The Facts What is it, hazards involved, possible solutions The Training Network 18 mins   VHS
31 Signs, Labels & MSDS - What you Need to Know Read, understand and follow written warnings, use written info responsibly The Training Network 9 mins   VHS
32 Electrical Safety Illustrated Electric shock and effects, resistance, ground, neutral and hot wires, conductors The Training Network 17 mins   VHS
33 LO/TO Affected & Authorized Persons Definition of lock out/tag out, most common forms of energy sources, situations requiring LO/TO, safe start-up procedures The Training Network 16 mins   VHS
34 Back Safety for Landscape, Maintenance, & Custodial Workers Body mechanics and exercise, lifting below waist, above shoulders, turning, pushing loads, 2 person lift The Training Network 20 mins   VHS
35 Back Safety for Maintenance Employees   JJKeller   1998 VHS
36 Back Safety for Mechanics   JJKeller   1998 VHS
37 Personal Protective Equipment - It's Your Call Combines instruction and motivation, all required training and full range of PPE The Training Network 10 mins   VHS
38 Tree Trimming Safety Chain saws, hazards, PPE & refueling, proper use of climbing equipment, ladders, aerial baskets, boom trucks, inspection and use, chippers, maintenance use & PPE, tree felling & bucking, planning, safe execution The Training Network 19 mins   VHS
39 Brush Chipper Operations and Safety Safe use of a brush chipper Vermeer   2000 VHS
40 Forklift Safety (1999) Forklift operation safety JJKeller   1999 VHS
41 Ladder Safety Choosing a ladder, metal, step and platform ladders, inspection, safe use tips, belt buckle and rail use The Training Network 18 mins   VHS
42 Maintenance Person Safety Leave rings & jewelry at home, read & follow chemical directions, MSDS, PPE, contact lens cautions, face shields, machine guarding, lock out/tag out The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
43 Hearing Conservation Testing baseline and annual employee hearing exams, test on workplace noise levels, reducing noise level, protection use and advantages of canal caps, earplugs and ear muffs, when to wear them The Training Network 12 mins   VHS
44 On the Job Safety for Custodians Back injury prevention, ladder safety, chemical safety, PPE, labels, MSDS, trip/slip hazards, power and hand tool safety The Training Network 28 mins   VHS
45 Safe Practices for Custodial Workers   Siegel & Assoc. 25 mins   VHS
46 Restroom Maintenance Proper restroom maintenance The Training Network 32 mins   VHS
47 Floor Cleaning Tips Safety for cleaning floors The Training Network 13 mins   VHS
48 Sexual Harassment - What Managers Need to Know Avoid complaints, know company procedures, examples of good/bad management technique The Training Network 10 mins   VHS
49 Sexual Harassment - What Your Employees Need to Know Definition of sexual harassment, workplace examples, your employees can confront a harasser, reporting harassment The Training Network 8 mins   VHS
50 Lawn Mower Safety 4 types of commercial lawn mowers, proper safety equipment, cutting on slopes, trailerage of large mowers, gas handling and maintenance The Training Network 23 mins   VHS
51 Pro's Guide to Riding Mower Safety   Video Communications     VHS
52 Reelmaster 2300-D and 2600-D Operator training lawn maintenance equipment The Toro Company     VHS
53 Flammable & Non-Flammable Compressed Gases   JJKeller   1989 VHS
54 Landscape Maintenance Safety Proper attire & PPE, use & maintenance of mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, chippers, threats from chemicals & snakes The Training Network 17 mins   VHS
55 New Rule on Record Keeping & Requirements Forms 300, 300A, 301, layout, required information, definitions, criteria, updated terminology The Training Network 12 mins   VHS
56 It Only Takes A Second - How Easily Accidents Can Happen Workplace examples The Training Network 5 mins   VHS
57 Loader Backhoe Training #1 Loader backhoe operation Equipment Training Resources ` 1991 VHS
58 Loader Backhoe Training #2   Equipment Training Resources   1991 VHS
59 Antilock Brake System This video explains the operation of the antilock brake system. General Motors 12 mins 1994 VHS
60 Safe Operation of Utility Carts Utility cart safety Wumbus     VHS
61 QTY 2-Pressure Washer Part I-DVD-611 Safety Training Delco 4 hours 2006 DVD
62 QTY 2-Pressure Washer Part I-DVD-612 First Aid and Physical Training Delco 4 hours 2006 DVD
63 Delco Cleaning Systems-Free DVD Instructional DVD Sampler Delco     DVD
64 Fire Safety OSHA safe workplace series JJKeller   1992 VHS
65 Emergency Maneuvers A driver training program JJKeller   1996 VHS
66 Hazard Perception Challenge (2001) A driver training program JJKeller   2001 VHS
67 Straight Trucks and Vans (1998) A driver training program JJKeller   1998 VHS
68 Safe Dump Truck Operation A driver training program JJKeller   1991 VHS
69 Bucket Truck Safety (2007) A driver training program JJKeller   2007 DVD
70 Back Safety (2005) Promotes back health and safety JJKeller   2005 VHS
71 Asbestos Awareness Training (1988) Asbestos safety training     1988 VHS
72 Road Rage A driver training program JJKeller   1999 VHS
73 Defensive Driving A driver training program JJKeller   2000 VHS
74 Distracted A driver training program JJKeller   2002 VHS
75 Backing & Parking A driver training program JJKeller   2000 VHS
76 Driving Techniques A driver training program JJKeller   1995 VHS
77 Employee Safety Orientation (2000)   The Training Network 23 mins   VHS
78 OSHA Workplace Safety Regulations and compliance, training, recordkeeping-in safety, HR, transportation and security. JJ Keller   2008 DVD

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