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Safety Training

Facilities Operations participates in a safety training program online that is internally monitored. Formal courses and certifications are available for a growing number of topics. For further information pertaining to these programs, please contact the Facilities Operations office at extension 8038, or via email 

Available Safety Videos

1 Hand Safety Summary on way to prevent hand injuries. VIVID
2 Emergency & Fire Preparedness Summary on emergency action plans for certain situations. VIVID
3 Hazard Communication Summary on how to effectively use elements of hazard communication. VIVID
4 Personal Protective Equipment Fundamentals Summary on different types of PPE. VIVID
5 Slips, Trips & Falls Summary on recognizing, preventing and dealing with falling situations. VIVID
6 Lockout Tagout Summary on how to effectively lockout tagout equipment. VIVID
7 Personal Fall Arrest Systems Summary on when and how to use a fall arrest system. VIVID
8 Hand & Power Tool Safety Summary on how to use hand and power tools safely. VIVID
9 Asbestos Hazard Awareness Summary on the dangers of asbestos. VIVID
10 Ladder Safety Summary on safe practices to use around ladders. VIVID
11 Driver Safety Summary on safe driving practices. VIVID
12 Electrical Safety Summary on safe practices to use when dealing with electricity. VIVID
13 Flammable Liquid Safety Summary on safe practices to use around flammable liquids. VIVID
14 Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Summary on protective practices to use around bloodborne pathogens. VIVID
15 Hearing Conservation Summary on effective way to protect your hearing. VIVID/Document
16 Hot Work with Arc Welding Summary on effective practices to use when dealing with hot work areas.  VIVID
17 Lead Awareness Summary on how to recognize lead hazards and protect against them.


18 Stormwater Management Summary on effects and prevention of stormwater.  VIVID
19 Hazardous Waste Management Summary on how to recognize and dispose of hazardous waste. VIVID
20 Oil Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) Summary on how to prevent, monitor and contain oil spill. VIVID
21 Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety Summary on how to effectively use a portable fire extinguisher in the event of a fire. VIVID
22 Active Shooter Response Summary on how to recognize and handle an active shooter situation. VIVID
23 Computer Security Summary on how to protect yourself from computer security threats. VIVID
24 Confined Space Entry Summary on actions that need to be taken when dealing with confined space entries. VIVID
25 Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace Summary on recognizing and dealing with issues related to drug and alcohol use. VIVID
26 Sexual Harassment Prevention Summary on recognizing sexual harassment and the steps taken to stop and prevent it. VIVID
27 Universal Waste Storage Summary on recognizing universal waste and how to manage it. Document
28 Violence in the Workplace Summary about the warning signs of violence in the workplace and how to deal with it. VIVID
29 Discrimination-Free Workplace Summary on promoting non-discrimination in the workplace. VIVID

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