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Safety Committee


Safety Committee Mission Statement

As members of the Facilities Operations Safety Committee, we will strive to provide a safe working environment for all employees in our department as well as across the University and we will make our best effort to handle all safety concerns with diligence and expedience, providing a prudent course of action, when necessary.

Safety Committee Members

Josh Benfield Chair
Kathy Kulski Co-Chair
Division RepresentativesTitle
Robert Brown Electrical
Ron Davis  Off Campus 
Marty Stadom HVAC
Jason Phillips Grounds
Mike Atkinson Transportation
Bayram Sevinc Painting
Wray Dunbar Plumbing
Carlos Mayoral Custodial
David Smith Carpentry

James Aulicino

Gabe Leon

Melinda Lohr

Ed Hink

Sonny Cherrito Safety/ EH&S
Tyler Bruno 


The Committee, formed in November 2005, is made up of members from each of the Facilities Operations divisions. Each member represents their division for a one year term, at which time, a new member will be appointed.


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