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Workers' Compensation

All injured workers must contact their supervisor/employer immediately to notify them of any on-the-job injury. Timely reporting of employee injuries is crucial. All incidents must be reported to the Office of Compliance Risk Management in a timely manner. Once the incident is reported the Insurance Specialist will contact you.

What to do if you're injured at work

  1. Report your injury immediately.
    • Take note of all the details of your injury.
      • Witnesses to your injury.
      • Time and date of injury.
      • Details of injury.
      • Where injury occurred.
  2. Read your employer's policy.
    • Check your employee handbook for guidelines in filing a workers' compensation claim.
    • If you don't file a claim, you may lose out on medical care and benefits.
  3. Wage Replacement benefits.
    • Starts on 8th day.
    • Equals two-thirds (66-2/3%) of the employee's pre-injury regular weekly wage.
    • Can use accrued sick, personal, or vacation hours toward full wage compensation.
  4. Return to work.
    • Must present return-to-work doctor's note to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management.
    • If given restrictions, ensure to communicate with your supervisor and Office of Compliance and Risk Management.
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