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Florida Tech aims at recruiting high quality faculty who will contribute to student success, advancement of knowledge, and the University's academic mission and reputation on a national and international level. The Faculty Review and Hiring Process is a uniform and collaborative process that ensures compliance and consistency and promotes diversity and inclusion when recruiting, hiring, and processing internal promotions and job changes

Guidelines and Timeline


Annual Faculty Evaluations for Current Faculty

  • Board of Trustees approves annual merit package in their January meeting for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1st.
  • Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation Process begins mid-January and is completed in Workday by mid-February.


Academic Affairs Budget Development and Review for the Upcoming Fiscal Year

  • The President charges the Provost and the CFO to develop proposed/projected budget for the upcoming fiscal year.


Academic Rank Promotions

  • Faculty who applied for academic rank promotion are sent an official written notification from the Provost regarding the final decision on their promotions by March 15th.

Faculty Merit Process for Current Faculty

  • Faculty Merit Process begins in mid-February and is completed in Workday by the end of the 1st week of March.
  • Merit raises for the upcoming academic year will be effective in August.
  • The Office of the Provost provides the Office of Human Resources and the Budget Office with
    • a list of faculty expected to return in August of the upcoming academic year and
    • a list of faculty promotions that will be effective in August.
  • The Office of the Provost provides the Office of Human Resources with a list of departed faculty who are approved by the respective Dean to maintain access to their edu email account to continue their collaboration with Florida Tech colleagues and students.
  • The Office of Human Resources sends the Budget Office the initial Roster for Returning Faculty by the 3rd week of March.

Annual Faculty Contracts/Appointments for Current Faculty

  • Annual contracts/appointment letters for returning faculty are issued by the Office of the Provost by April 1st.
  • Signed contracts/appointment letters for returning faculty are submitted to the Office of the Provost by April 30th.

Review of Academic Unit Line-Item Budget for the Upcoming Fiscal Year

  • The Provost partners with Deans to review the line-item budgets submitted by the academic units for the upcoming fiscal year.


Faculty Rosters for Returning Faculty for the Upcoming Academic Year

  • The Office of Human Resources enters data changes and/or promotions in Workday for the upcoming academic year.
  • The Office of Human Resources enters terminations for faculty not returning.
  • The Office of Human Resources ends academic appointments for the current academic year and adds academic appointments for the upcoming academic year.
  • Fall Faculty Rosters for Returning Faculty closes by May 31st.


Review and Approval of the Upcoming Fiscal Year Budget

  • The proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year is reviewed by the Board of Trustees for approval consideration in their June meeting.


Faculty Hiring Plan for the Following Fiscal Year

  • The Provost provides Deans with the approved budget for the academic year started July 1st.
  • Academic Units submit new faculty requests to the respective Dean with expected salary ceiling, proposed start-up, and estimated advertisement costs no later than July 31st for the following fiscal year.
  • The Dean reviews the Academic Unit’s faculty line request(s) for alignment with the College’s long-term strategic-plan and vision.
  • Deans provide the Provost with their recommended faculty line to be reviewed and considered for approval no later than August 15th.


Position Authorizations for the Following Academic Year

  • The Provost provides his/her recommendation to the President for final approval of faculty lines. Provost’s recommendation will be based upon academic mission of the University and in consultation with the CFO.
  • The Provost provides Deans with the list of positions approved for search by the President.
  • Deans notify the respective academic units to proceed with the search process for approved faculty lines no later than September 15th.
Job Posting & New Faculty Recruitment
  • The Office of Human Resources partners with the Office of the Provost to provide standard guidelines for the Academic Unit to ensure consistent process and promote diversity and inclusion. Examples of such efforts include but are not limited to:
    • Crafting a job posting that uses inclusive language, encourages applications from diverse groups, and highlights the institution's commitment to diversity and inclusion,
    • Including the diversity needs of the academic unit among its hiring priorities,
    • Seeking out qualified candidates through targeted recruitment efforts and/or partnership with special professional organizations and societies to ensure a diverse pool of candidates is achieved,
    • Creating search committees that reflect the institution’s commitment to diversity,
    • Ensuring that the search committee members have completed training on diversity, equity, and inclusion principles prior to candidate review and selection process. The training will be provided by the Office of Human Resources.
  • Search Committee is formed by the Academic Unit Head and approved by the respective Dean.
  • Job Descriptions are prepared, positions and job requisitions are entered in Workday by the Academic Unit and approved by the Office of Human Resources by September 30th.
    • Job Posting Categories
      • Required:
        • Responsibilities
        • Qualifications including education, experience, licensure/certification
        • Requests for any other required documents: cover letter, CV, letters of recommendation and/or research/teaching statement
      • Optional:
        • Preferred Qualifications
        • Salary range for faculty positions is not recommended to be included in job posting
      • Workday Delivered:
        • About Florida Tech
        • Florida Tech Total Rewards
        • Equal Employment Opportunity
        • E-Verify Employer
      • Positions are advertised on:
        • Relevant professional organization/society sites by the respective Academic Unit, including the professional organizations targeting a diverse group of candidates.
        • Funding resources shall be identified by the Academic Unit.
        • Florida Tech’s Career Site, HigherEds Jobs, and the Chronicle, by Human Resources.
      • Candidates are instructed in job posting(s) to submit their application packets in Workday for the appropriate job requisition for Academic Unit review.

October – July:

Candidate Selection & Job Offer

  • The Search Committee Chair will be responsible for:
    • Downloading the application packets from Workday for dissemination and review by the Search Committee,
    • Archiving any recruitment sources utilized for the posting and relevant documentation related to the hiring decision in a departmental folder in SharePoint,
    • Short-listing the candidates from the application pool and interviewing the selected candidates in communication with the Academic Unit Head/Dean.
      • The Office of the Human Resources recommends interviewing a minimum of three candidates for each vacancy remotely or in person.
      • The President and Provost must review candidate pool. Insufficient diversity could result in failed search.
  • Once the final interviews are completed, the Search Committee Chair makes a recommendation to the Academic Unit Head and/or Dean as appropriate.
  • The Dean submits to the Provost:
    • Candidate for hire
    • Recommended Salary
    • Recommended Relocation and/or Start-up Costs if applicable
  • The Provost reviews the Dean’s recommendation for the faculty hire in consultation with the President and the CFO. All faculty hires and faculty hiring packages are subject to availability of budget.
  • The Provost initiates offer and negotiation with the Candidate.
  • Once the candidate accepts the offer,
    • The Office of Human Resources initiates the hiring in Workday,
    • Official Transcript(s) from the respective institution are requested to be sent to the Office of Institutional Research by the new hire,
    • The international new hire and the Academic Unit work directly with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to initiate the sponsorship process if applicable,
    • Criminal History Background Checks must be completed with successful completion notification received by the Office of Human Resources prior to the start of employment,
    • The Office of Human Resources sends the EID memo to the new hire and the Academic Unit with a copy to the Office of the Provost.
  • The Faculty Hiring Process for the upcoming academic year is expected to be completed no later than July 15th.
  • If a search for a qualified applicant in a specialized discipline is unsuccessful, the current search will be terminated, and a new request for recruitment must be submitted to the Provost for consideration in next hiring cycle.


Faculty Report to Campus

  • New and Returning 9-month Faculty report to campus in the 2nd week of August in the upcoming academic year.


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