Human Resources

Human Resources

Notary Publics

Notary public services are available to all faculty, staff and students at no charge.

Lisa Campbell
Learning Materials Coordinator
Online Learning
Bldg. 971RIV, Rm. 126
(321) 674-8209
Cheryl LeBlanc
Manager of Facilities
Facilities Operations
Bldg. 540MIL, Rm. 117
(321) 674-8049
Dr. Matthew Ruane
Assistant Professor
School of Arts and Communication 
Bldg. 420CRF, Rm. 625
(321) 674-8797
Lisa DuBenion 
Administrative Assistant II
Ocean and Environmental Systems 
Bldg. 424LNK, Rm. 102 
(321) 674-7344

Janine McCray
Administrative Assistant III
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm. 207
(321) 674-8142

Dolores (Dory) Sigman
Administrative Assistant III
Financial Affairs 
Bldg. 401QAD, Rm. 112 
(321) 674-7297 

Leslie Funck 
Financial Management Coordinator 
Business & Retail Operations 
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm. 119 
(321) 674-8965
Suzie Philbeck 
Assistant Director of Campus Services
Campus Services
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm. 116
(321) 674-8870
 Angela A. Taylor 
Director of Enabling Infrastructure 
Evans Library 
Bldg: 428EVL, Room: 104 
Lisa Gill
Program Advisor
Online Learning
Bldg. 971RIV, Rm 155
(321) 674-8750
Pam Pedersen
Manager of Production and Projects
Bldg. 410GLE Rm: 128
(321) 674-7401
Nikki Wouralis
Benefit Specialist 
Human Resources 
Bldg: 408WRK, Room: 120
Gwendolyn Junious 
Public Services Specialist II
Evans Library 
Bldg. 428EVL, Rm. 112 
(321) 674-7530