Olin Quad, Melbourne FL Campus

Notary Publics

Notary public services are available to all faculty, staff and students at no charge.  Please call before you stop by to ensure the notary is available to assist you.

Aimee Harris 
Administrative Assistant II
Department of Mechanical & Civil Engineering 
Bldg. 501OEC, Rm. 208
(321) 674-7317
Angela A. Taylor 
Director of Cash Management
Office of the Controller
Bldg: 408WRK, Rm. 103
Cheryl LeBlanc
Director, Business Operations
Facilities Operations
Bldg. 540MIL, Rm. 117
(321) 674-8049
Dolores (Dory) Sigman
Administrative Assistant III
College of Business
Bisk Building, Rm. 155
(321) 674-7327

Kaylee Erdos
iDesk Supervisor
Evans Library
Bldg. 428EVL, Library iDesk
(321) 674-7011  

Lisa Campbell
CES & HIAI Coordinator
Online Learning
Bldg. 504 LSA, Rm. 215
(321) 674-8209
Lisa Gill
Program Advisor
Online Learning
Bldg. 710FTC, Rm 232
(321) 674-8750 

Nancy Garmer
Interim Dean of Libraries
Evans Library
Bldg. 428EVL, Library iDesk
(321) 674-7542

Pat Francois
Director of Human Resources
Office of Human Resources
Bldg. 408 WRK, Rm. 121
(321) 674-8100



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