Program Extension

As an international student in F-1 or J-1 status, it is expected that you will finish your degree program of study by the completion date on your current form I-20 or DS-2019. If you are not able to complete your degree by that date, you must request a Program Extension no later than one month before the date your current form will expire.

To be eligible to request a Program Extension, you must show that you have continually maintained status and that the extension is needed due to compelling academic reasons (such as a change of major), or due to a documented medical reason (official medical documentation from a U.S. doctor/facility must be submitted with the Program Extension Form.)

How to Apply for a Program Extension:

Make an appointment to meet with your assigned academic advisor. Section A of the Program Extension Form must be completed by the student. Section B must be completed by your assigned academic advisor or your academic major's department head. Scan the completed form back to the ISSS Office at ISSS will determine your eligibility; if approved you will receive an email notifying you to pick up your new immigration document in the ISSS Office; please remember to bring your student ID.

"Sponsored Students" seeking a Program Extension must also submit an updated Financial Guarantee from your sponsor which will cover the additional program extension time.


Immigration regulations state that delays in completing your program caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for a Program Extension. Please see an advisor in the ISSS Office for REINSTATEMENT information.

Extension requests will not be granted solely because the student was delayed by engaging in employment such as CPT (Curricular Practical Training).

An I-20/DS-2019 can only be extended for a maximum of one year at a time.

Program Extensions will not be granted to students who have completed their required degree program coursework (adding a Minor to your academic program and still having courses to take to complete that Minor are not acceptable reasons for a program extension, per immigration regulations); student must apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Program Extension Form:

Undergraduate Student

Graduate Student

NOTE: If you fail to extend your I-20/DS-2019 in a timely fashion, or you do not meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the Program Extension, you will need to apply for REINSTATEMENT to legal F-1/J-1 status (the need to complete a minor is not eligible for Reinstatement); in that case you will need to contact the ISSS Office for reinstatement information and procedures.

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