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International Student & Scholar Services

Health Insurance Waiver Information


It is MANDATORY for all international students to be covered by health insurance.

You may request a waiver of the insurance fee by completing a form and providing proof of appropriate insurance to the Business and Retail Operations Office. Waiver forms are available from the Business and Retail Operations Office. Florida Tech will not accept coverage by an insurance company outside the United States.

Alternative policies submitted for consideration must provide the same if not better coverage than the University’s policy. Below is a list of University Student Health Insurance policy benefits and attributes.

Florida Tech Student Health Insurance Criteria:

  • Claims agent in the United States
  • Claims payable in United States dollars
  • The insurance company is licensed to do business in the state of Florida
  • Coverage period: 52 continuous weeks or the complete time insured will be attending Florida Tech
  • No aggregate cap per illness or injury
  • Deductible: should not exceed $250 annually
  • Basic benefits: room, board, hospital services, physician fees, ambulance, outpatient services fee paid at 80% of usual, customary, reasonable (UCR) fees after deductible is met
  • Inpatient/outpatient prescription medications: offers coverage
  • Must cover HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Must cover substance/alcohol rehabilitation treatment
  • Repatriation: Unlimited (coverage to return remains to home country)
  • Medical Evacuation: Unlimited (if directed by the physician in charge to be medically necessary, the expenses of the patient to be transported back to his/her home country and accompanied by an escort)
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions