Advanced Energy Systems

Develop Expertise in Advanced Energy Efficient Building Systems

Providing sustainable energy for a growing world population and an expanding economic marketplace is one of the greatest challenges facing humankind. A continuing increase in energy consumption in modern societies has resulted in considerable costs and environmental concerns.

Architects, engineers, and construction managers typically have strong influence in the design and selection of the energy/power systems required to meet the need of buildings and communities. Recent systems under consideration include those that are supplied by renewable as well as high-efficiency conventional fossil-fueled resources. As technology produces more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly energy, professionals with knowledge of these increasingly complex systems are needed to construct and maintain compliance of an energy efficient building. That’s why Florida Tech’s construction management program offers a concentration on building and community advanced energy systems.

Students develop knowledge of the principles of these state-of-the art energy conversion technologies and their application in power systems for modern buildings and communities. The program also provides an in-depth understanding of energy needs in modern societies and the impact they have on long-term affordability and environmental sustainability. Making informed decisions on the job demands professionals who have a thorough understanding of the design and construction of energy and power systems, as well as the methods in which they can be effectively integrated into an energy-efficient building or community.

Through highly specialized coursework, research and hands-on internships, students build their technical knowledge and deepen their understanding of energy-efficient building, applying their knowledge and solving energy system challenges. Florida Tech’s program provides experience in energy system innovation such as sustainability, smart buildings, green (net zero) construction and building information modeling.

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