Project Management

Build the Industry Expertise and Business Savvy Needed to Succeed 

A construction project manager is the central figure on any construction project. He or she is the person charged with oversight of every aspect of the process. We like to say that project management in construction is like the quarterback on a football team, calling the signals and making plays happen in real time. In monetary terms, the construction project manager is responsible for controlling about 90% of the total cost of the project and for final delivery of the project to the client. That means that on a relatively small project costing $10 million, the project manager is responsible for managing about $9 million of the total cost.

Project management in construction begins with a set of construction plans, designed by an engineer or architect. The plans, however, do not include instructions for building the project. This is the job of the construction manager. It involves planning, scheduling, bidding, contract administration, cost estimation, management of the construction crews, procuring materials, managing the budget, making changes, settling claims, and finally turning the project over to the client. In addition, project management in construction involves oversight of the quality and safety plans for all operations. These diverse functions must be monitored throughout the construction phase to ensure that actual operations and costs align with what was planned. Finally, where there are errors, delays or issues, the project manager must make changes in a timely fashion to keep the project on track. 

Project Management in Construction Duties

When taking on the role of project management in construction, an individual finds themselves in charge of the many priorities and tasks necessary to complete a project including: 

  • Estimate the cost to construct the project
  • Determine crews needed and the cost of all labor
  • Create a time schedule for construction operations
  • Hire the crews and supervise and coordinate their work times
  • Ensure sub-contractor work is efficiently coordinated
  • Administer the construction contract and associated legal matters
  • Negotiate changes to the contract scope, schedule, and cost
  • Understand all technical aspects of the plans to ensure quality work
  • Maintain the budget and make payments to the sub-contractors
  • Hire and lead diverse teams of qualified technicians
  • Maintain all internal and external communications with the client
  • Track progress and correct problems when necessary
  • Monitor quality and meet regulatory standards
  • Supervise the procurement of products and services
  • Set goals and provide status reports

Project Management in Construction Demands Multiple Skillsets

Analytical Skills

The ability to plan a project strategy, handle unexpected issues and delays, solve problems that arise and tackle complex challenges.

Business Savvy

Understand the financial and contractual aspects of a project as well as managing staff, contractors and serving as the liaison with owners.


Have excellent leadership and management skills and the ability to delegate tasks, supervise and empower other managers, and maintain a productive work environment.


Be organized and have the ability to multi-task and oversee several operations in different areas of the project, in real time, while maintaining the schedule.


Be decisive in solving technical and construction-related issues, as well as in situations that concern personnel, budgets, deadlines and unexpected situations.

Communication Skills

Give clear directions, explain complex tasks, clarify technical details, write proposals and plans, devise budgets, document progress and report status and cost to clients.

Technical Expertise

Have a thorough understanding of construction methods and engineering technologies, interpret technical drawings and engineering documents, understand safety and regulatory guidelines and have special knowledge of emerging programs such as green building, BIM, LEED, energy efficiency, etc.

Project Managers Provide Direction

Because project managers are responsible for completing all aspects of the project and meeting the expectations of the client, they must be able to create an organization plan that will arrange high priority tasks in a logical order, balancing the needs of these tasks against all others within the confines of available resources. This skill is key to project management in construction of timely, under budget projects.

Project Managers Reduce Risk

An individual trained in project management in construction is able to reduce risks by examining every aspect of production, identifying and overcoming issues before they become problems or delays, and applying acceptable standards of quality and safety to operations.

Project Managers Lead People

A construction project manager must have exceptional people skills and the ability to organize and lead several teams of workers. Everyday, project management in construction demands coordination of activities and problem solving, working subcontractors, banks, local officials, clients, and often the media about a project’s production. These managers must be able to effectively explain and discuss any issue that arises to resolve the problem and keep the project moving.

Project Managers have Many Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for qualified construction managers, specifically those with a bachelor’s degree in construction management or civil engineering (with construction electives), are expected to be in high demand through 2031. In fact, industry is increasingly using “design-build” methods for construction projects which increases the demand for project management in construction professionals. Students with an interest in project management, and who have the personality and technical ability to meet the rigorous demands of this career field, should seriously consider Florida Tech’s bachelor’s degree in construction management program where nearly all recent graduates have found rewarding and lucrative jobs immediately upon graduation!

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