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FH 2.15 Policies Governing Outside Work by Faculty Members

Effective Date Jan 9, 2013

Full-time faculty at Florida Tech accept their appointment with the understanding that their primary employment responsibility is to the university. The university encourages faculty members to offer professional advice concerning the development of the natural resources of the state, or on new products or new scientific apparatuses and techniques; to conduct research, and prepare and publish results of their studies; to make addresses on subjects in which they are qualified and that are of public interest; and to serve as officers or as members of committees of learned and scientific societies. Such activities are not normally considered as outside work.

Ordinary private business of faculty members, such as investing money or the hiring of labor in private undertakings, is not considered to fall within the purview of regulation by the university, provided the business is of such a character as not to damage in any way the prestige of the university and entails no loss of time or efficiency in the performance of university duties.

Occasions may arise when it will be mutually beneficial to the university and the faculty member for the latter to serve as a consultant to local industry or national science organizations. Florida Tech Consulting provides access to these needs under a broad policy statement that establishes principles that guide faculty members when causes of this nature arise. See

 The principles are:

  1. A member of the faculty who desires to engage in consulting shall do so only after obtaining the approval of his/her academic unit head.
  2. Outside employment must not interfere with full and proper performance of university duties; shall not exceed one day per week; and in no way be detrimental to the best interest of the university.
  3. No university equipment, supplies or clerical services may be used in the furtherance of outside work for pay except in highly unusual cases and following approval of appropriate administrative officials. Work done through Florida Tech Consulting is an exception to this as long as it is done on a non-interference basis.
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