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FH 2.20.5 Research Duties and Responsibilitie...

Effective Date Jun 16, 2008

FH 2.20.5 Research Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Unit Head

The approval of the academic unit head on the official copy of the research proposal means explicitly that the academic unit head:

  1. Approves the work proposed by the principal investigator.
  2. Considers the proposal to be a scholarly inquiry that reflects positively on the principal investigator and the university.
  3. Assures the prospective sponsor that, if the proposal receives favorable consideration, the principal investigator and all other individuals listed in the proposal will be released from academic and administrative responsibilities for the amount of time indicated in the proposal.
  4. Assures the prospective sponsor that if the proposal receives favorable consideration he/she will render all administrative assistance required by the principal investigator to meet the prescribed program objectives within the specified time span. 
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