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Educational Specialist Degree

POLICY SOURCE: Graduate Policies - 01 Masters Policies POLICY NO: 3546
TITLE: Educational Specialist Degree SUBMITTED BY: Liz Fox
DATE: Jun 25, 2008 APPROVED BY: Liz Fox

Effective Date Jun 25, 2008

Educational Specialist Degree

(Graduate Policy 1.13)

The primary emphasis of the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is placed on the development of specific competencies needed in science and mathematics education. Policies for the Ed.S. degree, unless noted below, are the same as for a non-thesis master’s degree. Differences occur in:

  • Admission requirements
  • Degree requirements
  • Statute of limitations

Admission to the Ed.S. Program

(Graduate Policy 1.13.1)

The admissions procedure and required submissions are the same as for doctoral study. (see graduate policy “Admission to Doctoral Study”)

An applicant to the Ed.S. program in science education must hold a graduate degree in science or in education with science as the teaching area, or in an appropriately related field. An applicant to the Ed.S. program in mathematics education must hold a graduate degree in mathematics or in education with mathematics as the teaching area or in an appropriately-related field.

Degree Requirements

(Graduate Policy 1.13.2)

A candidate for the Ed.S. degree must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better in a 30-credit-hour program.

Statute of Limitations for Ed.S. Program

(Graduate Policy 1.13.3)

For doctoral students receiving the Ed.S. degree while pursuing the doctoral degree (successfully completing the written and oral doctoral comprehensive exams to meet the comprehensive requirements for both the Ed.S. and Ph.D. degrees), the statute of limitations is the same as for the doctoral degree (five years from the end of the academic semester during which the comprehensive examination was successfully completed; see graduate policy “Statute of Limitations for Doctoral Programs”).

For Ed.S. students not in the doctoral program (taking the Ed.S. comprehensive only), the statute of limitations is the same as for the master’s degree (seven years; see graduate policy “Statute of Limitations”).