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Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit

POLICY SOURCE: Graduate Policies - 01 Masters Policies POLICY NO: 9769
TITLE: Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit SUBMITTED BY: Liz Fox
DATE: Nov 16, 2018 APPROVED BY: Liz Fox


Effective Date Nov 16, 2018

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit

(Graduate Policy 1.9)

With the approval of the academic unit head, a graduate student may apply a maximum of six (6) semester hours of undergraduate credits taken at Florida Tech while enrolled as a graduate student (provided that graduate rigor is documented) toward partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree as follows:

  • 4000-level courses in the student's major field of study
  • 3000 and 4000 level courses in other than the student's major field of study

In the instance of four-hour 4000-level courses, a maximum of two such courses (for a maximum of eight semester hours) may be applied to the graduate program in lieu of the six semester hours mentioned above.

The proper usage of these courses is to enrich the master’s program, not dilute it. Undergraduate courses taken as an undergraduate student (even if not applied to the undergraduate degree) cannot be applied to any graduate degree at Florida Tech. Requirements in courses not exclusively designed for graduate credit but that allow both undergraduate and graduate enrollment must ensure that there is a clear distinction between the requirements of undergraduate students and graduate students.*

Courses that are considered deficiencies in a student’s prior education cannot be used in fulfilling the requirements for a master’s degree; they should be identified on the program plan as deficiencies and taken above and beyond the requirements for the master’s degree and do not count in any graduate GPA. It is up to each academic unit to develop a list of courses that the faculty agree represents the basic essentials for entry into each graduate degree program or option offered by the academic unit. Courses on this list should be designated as deficiencies any time a student has not taken comparable courses.


*Consistent with accreditation requirements of SACSCOC Standard 9.6 (Resource Manual, 2018).

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