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Program Plan, Master's and Specialist Degrees

Effective Date October 16, 2020

(Graduate Policy 1.3)

Only one program plan per degree can be in effect for a student at any given time. Because of the importance of the program plan in establishing a new program GPA following a change of major, no request to change majors will be processed unless accompanied by an approved new program plan. This requirement applies whether or not a degree was earned in the first major.

Deadline for Submitting Program Plan

(Graduate Policy 1.3.1)

Each master’s-level graduate student is required to have an approved program plan on file no later than one month prior to the time that nine credit hours of graduate courses have been completed.

Program Plans for Multiple Degrees

(Graduate Policy 1.3.2)

A separate program plan must be approved for each additional degree. Program plans for second (and succeeding) degrees must indicate the requirement for a final program examination (as stipulated by graduate policy on “Final Program Examinations”) unique to that degree, as well as any courses being used for the new degree that were also included on any previous program plan. See graduate policy on "Second and Succeeding Master’s Degrees and Second Majors – Master’s Degrees" regarding course requirements for other-than-first degrees. See graduate policy “Statute of Limitations” for restrictions regarding the age of such courses.

Program Plan for Awarding a Master’s Degree to a Student Carrying a Doctoral Major Code

(Graduate Policy 1.3.3)

In the case of a student admitted to doctoral studies who satisfies all the requirements for a master’s degree, either in the current or a different major, while enrolled as a doctoral student, the master’s degree may be awarded on the recommendation of the cognizant academic unit.

Program Plan when Changing Majors

(Graduate Policy 1.3.4)

Students who change majors will follow the provisions of graduate policy “Deadline for Submitting Program Plan.”

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