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Medical Examinations
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All Florida Tech Employees December 2014 March 2024 Ryan Petersen

Policy Owner: Office of Human Resources

Policy Purpose

To ensure applicants and current employees in certain positions can do their essential duties.

Policy Statement

As part of the University’s employment procedures, some university positions require that an applicant satisfactorily complete a pre-employment medical exam to determine whether the employee can perform the position's essential functions as a condition of the employment offer, including drug and alcohol testing. The University may require a medical examination after making a conditional offer of employment to a job applicant and before employment begins. An offer of employment is conditioned on the examination results to the extent permissible under state and federal law.

In addition, the University also reserves the right to require medical examinations (fitness for duty exams) of current employees when there is a need to determine whether an employee can perform the essential functions of his or her job or if the employee poses a safety threat to themselves or others. The university may require a fitness for duty examination when an individual is returning from a sickness or injury; when an individual states that she or he is unable to perform certain functions of the position; and when the manager has concerns that an individual is unable to perform the essential functions of the position.

Florida Institute of Technology complies with all laws and regulations regarding medical exams, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable laws prohibiting discriminatory hiring practices.


The Student Health Center’s attending physician, or other physician selected by the university, will perform the medical examination. There is no charge to the applicant or employee for the medical examination.


Human Resources will keep all information obtained through the medical exam process confidential and in accordance with the law. However, information may be shared with appropriate university leaders, as determined by the Director of Human Resources, with a legitimate business need to know for purposes of making employment decisions.

Compliance Reference

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 


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