Performance Evaluations for Academic Deans and Vice Presidents

Original Policy Date:  4.1.2014

Applicable Employee Classes:Reviewed Date:                                 Approved by:
Executive Level Employees                                                   November 2021 Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President                                           

Policy Title

Performance Evaluations for Vice Presidents and Academic Deans

Policy Owner:  Human Resources

Policy Purpose

This policy establishes the frequency, criteria, and procedure for the regular evaluation of the performance of vice presidents and academic deans. 

Policy Scope

This policy applies to the evaluation of all vice presidents and academic deans by thier respective supervisors. 

Policy Statement

All vice presidents and academic deans are reviewed annually in the spring term prior to the issuance of new contracts for the upcoming year.  Each vice president or academic dean wil be evaluated on the following criteria in addition to the achievement of their pre-estabished goals from the prior review period.

  • Ability and effectiveness in administering and providing leadership to their respective college or division;
  • Effectiveness in meeting approved division and personal goals and objectives for the review period;
  • Effectiveness and contributions towards achieving institutional goals (including presidential and strategic plan goals) for the review period;
  • Quality of advice and counsel given to their supervisor and/or executive colleagues;
  • Effectiveness, especially with other vice presidents, deans, and members of the executive leadership team.

At the time of the review, goals for the upcoming year will be established. 


In the spring semester, each vice president and academic dean will meet with their supervisor for their annual performance review. The supervisor may ask the vice president or academic dean to complete a self-evaluation in advance of that review.

 Each vice president and academic dean will be reviewed using the established criteria and on the achievement of their pre-established goals from the prior review period. This evaluation will be documented and discussed with the vice president or academic dean.

 Goals for the coming year will be established. Individual goals will be discussed for clarification and common understanding. Timelines will be determined for each goal as needed. Due to the nature of executive level positions, goals may be added or modified throughout the year as necessary.


Not Applicable

Compliance Reference

SACSCOC Standard 5.4


Supervisors of academic deans and vice presidents are responsible for scheduling and completing these evaluations in consultation with the academic dean or vice president. Record of these evaluations are stored in the Office of Human Resources for vice presidents and the Office of the Provost for academic deans.


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