Employee Records

Effective Date Jan 3, 2017

Applicable Employee Classes:                              

Revised Date:                                                     

Approved by:

All Florida Tech Employees

March 2021

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President                                                     

Policy Title

Employee Records

Policy Owner: Human Resources

Policy Purpose

The university maintains that information stored in university personnel files is accurate and kept secure from improper disclosure. State and federal laws require certain information be maintained in personnel files. The university will comply with applicable laws with regard to the management, retention, and disposal of employee records. All personal employee information will be regarded as confidential, and careful consideration must be given to ensuring this confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law. The Office of Human Resources maintains the official personnel records for all faculty, staff and student employees.

Policy Statement

The university will, as a service to the employee, release the following information unless informed in writing by you that the information is not to be released:

  •  Name
  •  Job title
  • Dates of employment

Any other information regarding your employment at Florida Tech (such as salary) will not be released without the employee’s written permission. Each request for information must contain a signed consent form by the current or former employee.


Requests for information about current or past employees who have provided written permission to release employment information must be referred to the Office of Human Resources for response. Requests to verify employment should be faxed to: (321) 674-7519 or emailed to hr@fit.edu.  

The university is subject to record retention requirements.  All records must be maintained in a consistent and logical manner ensuring the university:

  1. Meets legal standards for protection, storage and retrieval
  2. Minimizes the cost of record retention
  3. Destroys inactive records that have no value upon passage of the applicable retention period
  4. Disposes of records in a manner appropriate for the data contained

After the required retention period, documents must be destroyed in an acceptable manner:

  1. Recycle non-confidential paper records
  2. Shred confidential paper records
  3. Destroy electronically stored data

Keeping employee records accurate and up to date is important.  The HRIS allows employees the ability to view and update personal information electronically.  Employee self-service activities include things such as the ability to update address, phone, email, emergency contact, benefit elections, direct deposit and federal and state withholdings. 


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