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Identification Card Policy

Applicable Employee Classes:

 Original Policy Date                               Reviewed Date:                                 

Approved by:

All Faculty, Staff, Students, Temps,

Contractors and Visitors 


  July 2021                                                          February 2022                           

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President            

Policy Title

Identification Card Policy

Policy Owner:  Human Resources

Policy purpose

The purpose of the Florida Tech ID card is for identification purposes and to provide access to certain essential university services and facilities. All faculty and staff are required to obtain a Florida Tech ID Card and are responsible for having their ID card visibly displayed at all times while on campus and for keeping the card safe and in good condition.

Policy Scope

This Policy covers all Florida Tech faculty and staff while they are present on university property.

Policy Statement

While on university property, every Florida Tech faculty and staff shall be required to visibly display a Florida Tech (FIT) identification card and present it when requested to do so by Florida Tech Security or university personnel.

Florida Tech Security personnel shall have the authority to request any person present on university property, or attempting to enter a university building, to show a Florida Tech identification badge. All university faculty and staff share the responsibility to assist in the safety of the campuses. Should a university faculty or staff member see any activity that may pose a threat to the institution, the member shall have the authority to request that an individual present an ID.


 Any person who is unable or refuses to show a Florida Tech identification badge upon request may be denied access to any Florida Tech location and ordered to leave university property.


Florida Tech Security personnel shall maintain a record of any instance in which a faculty, staff or visitor is refused access or ordered off the campus.

Lost or Stolen Badges

University faculty and staff must report lost or stolen Florida Tech identification badges to the Department of Security. The Department of Security will keep a log of lost/stolen cards.


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Compliance Reference

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Any faculty or staff member found in willful violation of this Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


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