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Recruitment and Employment

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Employees August 1, 2014 January 2024 Ryan Petersen

Policy Owner: Office of Human Resources


This policy outlines recruitment and related employment practices to ensure they are conducted in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local law, and university policies.

Policy Scope

All employment positions, excluding faculty, the president, administrative and academic officers, and student worker positions; all involved in recruiting and hiring for such positions.

Policy Statement

Florida Tech employs non-faculty personnel with sufficient qualifications to maintain its operations and to support the achievement of goals consistent with its educational mission. Activities related to the appointment and employment of personnel follow applicable federal, state, and local law and university policies. Positions are required to be defined in job descriptions and open positions are requisitioned, advertised, and filled in accordance with policy procedures and guidelines.


Job Description and Requisition

Job Descriptions are required for all positions. They include the responsibilities, required qualifications and skills, working conditions, and reporting relationships of the job. They also indicate the employment status of the position (e.g., full-time, part-time, temporary). Human Resources is available to provide guidance on creating/revising job descriptions.

The job description is associated with a position in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). If the position/job description is newly approved and new to the system, it is created by the hiring manager prior to creating a job requisition in the HRIS. The hiring manager must ensure the job description is accurate and current when creating a job requisition.

Job Posting

Once the job description and requisition are approved, the position is posted on the Florida Tech employment webpage and on external career sites and job boards, as appropriate. Hiring managers interested in conducting additional advertising should note this in the job requisition. Funding for the additional advertising will be provided by the hiring department. Positions are typically posted for a minimum of five days.

Application Review and Interviews

Only applications for posted positions will be accepted. Hiring managers will review applications during the posting period and schedule and conduct timely interviews of qualified candidates. Interviews typically include discussion of the position and the candidate’s qualifications and may also cover compensation expectations and information about benefits. The Office of Human Resources is available to provide hiring managers with guidance for conducting interviews and final candidate selection.

Offer of Employment

After selecting the final candidate and receiving the appropriate approvals the hiring manager will initiate the offer process in the HRIS. The Office of Human Resources will contact the candidate to extend a verbal offer of employment and begin the background check process in accordance with the Background Checks Policy. Formal offers of employment are contingent upon satisfactory background check results.

The employment application becomes a part of the employee’s permanent record, and all information submitted on or with the application is subject to verification.

Internal Hires

Should an internal applicant be selected for the position, the hiring and releasing supervisors will agree on an effective date of transfer that will cause the least disruption to the normal operation of the releasing department. Normal notice is two weeks. In the event the supervisors are unable to arrive at a mutually agreeable time frame, the maximum transition time is four weeks.

An employee is expected to remain in a position for at least six months before seeking transfer or promotion. If in the best interests of the university, such as to satisfy a business need, the Vice President of Human Resources may grant a written exception. 


HRIS: Human Resources Information System

Employment Status: Whether the position is full-time, part-time, temporary full-time, or temporary part-time.

Full-Time Employment: Employees who are authorized to work 28 hours or more within a work week are considered full-time employees. Full-time employees are entitled to all employee benefits in proportion to their authorized work week.

Part-Time Employment: Employees who are authorized to work less than 28 hours in a work week are considered part-time employees. Part-time employees are entitled to holiday pay and sick leave in accordance with the university holiday and sick leave policies.

Temporary Employment – Full-Time and Part-Time: Employees hired on a temporary basis are hired with a planned limit of six months or less of employment. If a temporary employee later becomes a regular employee, time served as a temporary employee will not count towards service with the university. Temporary employees are only entitled to statutory benefits.

Compliance Reference

SACSCOC Standard 5.5

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended

Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

Nondiscrimination Policy and Complaint Procedures

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy


Hiring Manager – Responsible for ensuring that an accurate, current job description is in place and creating the job requisition in the HRIS. Responsible for reviewing applications, scheduling and conducting interviews with qualified applicants, selecting a final candidate and initiating the job offer process in the HRIS.

Office of Human Resources – Responsible for posting/advertising available positions, advising the hiring manager on best practices and candidate selection as needed, extending offers of employment to final candidates, and coordinating background checks.


Violation of this policy or intentional attempts to circumvent policy procedures may result in disciplinary action.

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