International I/O FAQ

What is the benefit of earning a Ph.D. in International I/O Psychology at Florida Tech?

After your training at Florida Tech you will have the global skills necessary to consult with international consulting firms, or join large multinational corporations. As the world of business is becoming increasingly global, there is a need for professionals with the expertise to improve organizational performance in an international environment and conduct research to help solve difficult global business issues. Florida Tech's International I/O graduate program focuses on equipping students to function in the global marketplace. With a more international focus the program will help you develop the technical skills, expertise, and global acumen to excel in international consulting and research. Our goal is to prepare exceptional students from around the world to become thought leaders in the global application of I/O psychology.

What is the difference between a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology and a Ph.D. in International I/O?

Administratively, the two degree emphases are the same, and differ only in the concentration of study. A student earning their Ph.D. in International I/O will have the same core curriculum as students in the traditional Ph.D. in I/O and will also earn 90 hours toward the degree. The main difference comes in the focus of elective coursework and choice of research activities.

Students enrolled in the international concentration will take less free electives, and will instead focus on course work related to cross cultural theory and research methods as well as international business. Students would also be expected to complete their thesis and dissertation in a cross-cultural or international area.

What is the difference between a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology and an International MBA?

Both programs emphasize overseas experience and developing cultural competence through a high degree of interaction with international partners. But, there are some differences.

A degree in International I/O focuses solely on the strategic management and human capital issues facing global organizations. Thus, the emphasis is on how human resource systems must adapt to global business. An International MBA will devote less time to these issues and instead balance the curriculum with courses in finance and marketing.

Will I have an opportunity to get experience overseas during the program?

Students enrolled in the International I/O program will be expected to study abroad, get practical experience in an international internship, conduct research with international partners, or a mix of those activities. Understanding cultural issues at a deep level requires the student to experience them. Our network of international partners will provide many choices for your experiences abroad.