Protocol Prep Flowchart

I am planning research that involves vertebrate animals.

  1. Is this a work collaboration?
  2. Begin Protocol Preparation
  3. Personnel working on research are trained and part of the occupational health program?
  4. Related approvals acquired or in review?
  5. Protocol includes ALL of the following details:
    • Rationale & purpose of animal use
    • Clear description of animal procedures
    • Consideration of alternatives, the 3 Rs
    • Justification of animal numbers
    • Unnecessary duplication of experiments
    • Housing & husbandry
    • Impact of procedures on animal well-being
    • Appropriate sedation, analgesia, anesthesia
    • Conduct of surgical procedures
    • Postprocedural care and observation
    • Description & rationale for endpoints
    • Criteria for removal of animals from study
    • Disposition of animals, euthanasia methods
    • Training & experience, personnel roles
    • Hazards, safe environment

    • YES
      • Go to Step 6
    • NO
  6. Submit for pre-review
    • Returned for completion
      • Complete and re-submit for pre-review
    • Sent to IACUC for review
      • Proceed to Step 7
  7. Designated Member Review (DMR) if Full Committee Review is not requested
    • PI notified of required modifications
      • Repeat step 7

    • Approval issues to PI, PI maintains protocol.
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