Security Building

The goal of the Florida Tech Department of Security is to support the educational mission of the University by promoting safety, providing a variety of emergency services, and working in collaboration with the entire university community. The Department of Security will partner with students, faculty and staff to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

We offer many safety lectures and programs to our community and are available upon request.  Some of the training programs we offer include:

  • Active Shooter / Hostile Intruder Training
  • Front Desk / Office Safety
  • Suspicious Activity See Something / Say Something 
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Personal Safety Awareness
  • Fire Safety / Building Marshal
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Internet Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Please contact  to schedule any training. We will also customize training programs to meet your departmental needs. Training classes are offered to Florida Tech employees and students only.


Planning for a special event can be difficult. Planning for the potential risks and hazards associated with a special event is even more difficult, but essential to the event’s success. A special event is an activity within a community that brings together a large number of people (usually 500 or more). Emphasis is not placed on the total number of people attending, but rather the impact on the community’s ability to respond to a large-scale emergency or disaster or the exceptional demands that the activity places on various support services.

Possible issues that must be addressed in the very early stages of planning or when discussing promoting or sponsoring such an event. Consideration must take into account the scope of the event, the risks to spectators and participants, community impact, and the support required (personnel and logistics).

Please complete the fillable Special Events form and submit a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event. If you have any questions or need further assistance contact . Security support for events are for Florida Tech employees and students only.

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