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Missing Persons

Missing Student Notification Policy

Policy: This policy, with its accompanying procedures, establishes a framework for cooperation among members of the University community aimed at locating and assisting students who are reported missing. A student shall be deemed missing when he or she is absent from the University for more than 24 hours without any known reason. All reports of missing students shall be directed to University Security which shall investigate each report and make a determination whether the student is missing in accordance with this policy. All students shall have the opportunity to identify an individual to be contacted by the University in case a student is determined to be missing. If a missing student is under 18 years of age, University Security is required to notify the parent or guardian of the missing student not later than 24 hours after the student is determined missing by University Security.

No later than 24 hours after it determines that the student is missing, University Security will also notify the listed parent or guardian that the student is missing. The Dean of Students shall have the responsibility to make the provisions of this policy and the procedures set forth below available to students.

Notification: Any report of a missing student, from whatever source, should immediately be directed to University Security.

  • When a student is reported missing University Security shall: 
    • Initiate an investigation to determine the validity of the missing person report.
  • Contact the Dean of Students.
    • Make a determination as to the status of the missing student.
    • Notify the individual identified by the missing student as the emergency contact within 24 hours of making the determination that the student is missing.
    • If the missing student is under the age of 18, notify the student's custodial parent or guardian as contained in the records of the University within 24 of the determination that the student is missing.
  • Notify Melbourne City Police within 24 hours after determining that the student is missing.

The Dean of Students or Director of Security notifies the Director of Student Housing and the Vice President of Financial Affairs, and the Executive Vice President.

The Dean of Students shall initiate whatever action he or she deems appropriate under the circumstances in the best interest of the missing student.