Florida Tech Campus

Graduate Fees

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Tuition for graduate students is charged per credit hour based on the student's admission status and program of study and program of study (Education Centers, Melbourne campus, Florida Tech Online). Melbourne campus graduate students are permitted to register for a maximum of 14 credit hours.

Area of StudyCost
College of Aeronautics $1,241/credit hour 
  Online Doctor of Aviation Program (9105) $1,050/credit hour
  Online Master's Programs (8230, 8231, 8232) $600/credit hour
College of Business (MBA, Masters) $896/credit hour
  Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) $ 1,288/credit hour
  SmartTrack MBA (eligible EFSC students up to six credit hours) $150/credit hour
College of Engineering and Science $1,241/credit hour 
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts $1,241/credit hour 
  Applied Behavior Analysis Orlando Program (8147) $600/credit hour
  Communication Internship $1,250/semester
  Doctorate (Psy.D.) ($10,100 per term - F, SP, SU) $30,300/year
  Psychology Internship $2,630/semester
  Psychology Practicum $515/credit hour
Education Centers $600/credit hour
  Flight Test Engineering (FTE) Courses $1,241/credit hour
Florida Tech Online $777/credit hours
  Online MBA Programs $896/credit hour
ABA Online  
  Certificate Program Courses (8036 and 8037) $495/credit hour
  Behavior Analysis Practice M.A. Courses (8155) $925/credit hour
  Note: Courses that are part of certificate 8036 or 8037 and the degree program 8155 are at the certificate rate.  
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