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Third Party Billing & Military Tuition Assistance


Third Party Billing refers to the situation where you have a sponsor that will pay all or part of your tuition & fees each semester. Examples of valid sponsors include:

  • An employer
  • A state prepaid college plan (i.e. the Florida Prepaid Plan)
  • A U.S. government department/agency or foreign embassy

Third Party questions, and forms such as financial guarantees and SF182, should be routed directly to Chuck Conerity at More contact information is listed below.

Important Note: If the student's sponsor requires that they review the student's grade(s) each semester before they will release the payment, then the student is NOT eligible for Third Party Billing. Please contact the Office of Account Management for further assistance. You may instead be eligible for Corporate Deferment Program.

Program Contact Information

All correspondence, Military Tuition Assistance Forms, Financial Guarantee Letters, Sponsorship Letters, and SF-182s must be in English, and should be sent directly to:

Chuck Conerity, Student Financial Services
Florida Institute of Technology
150 West University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901-6975

(321) 674-7302 Phone
(321) 674-8903 Fax 

Student Responsibilities

Third Party students are responsible for and must...

  1. Submit all forms to the Office of Account Management no later than the University assigned tuition & fee due date each semester, or make sure the Office of Account Management has a current Financial Guarantee/Sponsorship Letter from the student's sponsor on file.
  2. Pay any charges not covered by their Third Party sponsor by the University assigned tuition & fee due date each semester, or contact the Office of account Management for further assistance.

Third Party students that are covered by a Financial Guarantee Letter or a Sponsorship Letter must have a copy of this letter on file with the Office of Account Management. This sponsorship letter must include:

  1. The student's name
  2. The duration of the sponsorship (i.e. Start Date and Void Date)
  3. The exact  tuition & fee charges for which the sponsor is responsible
  4. The address that specifies where the Third Party Billing invoice should be sent
  5. The name/contact information of the person responsible for the sponsorship

Important Note: 

  • The Third Party Billing invoices can ONLY be sent to addresses within the United States.
  • If valid Third Party Billing paperwork has not been received by the University assigned tuition & fee due date this may result in, but is not limited to, the accrual of finance charges, holds being placed on the student's account that will prevent future registration, online activity, transcript requests, receipt of diploma, and/or the termination of that student's registration for the current semester.
  • Third Party sponsors that DO NOT pay in full upon receipt of the Third Party Billing invoice may hold up the student's progress. That is, the student may not be able to register for classes for upcoming semesters or receive copies of their transcript and/or diploma until all Third Party payments have been received.     
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